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    10 Webseries You Should Have Binged In 2016

    2016 has been an awful year for most things, we've lost the greats and had some shocking world news but at least entertainment hasn't suffered. With more and more companies turning to the internet to stream series the internet is awash with great content! Here are our 10 favourites that you should definitely be watching!!

    1. Ladies Room


    Ever wonder what happens when a group of women flock to the bathroom together? “Ladies Room” takes viewers into the lives of two best friends, Dingo (Saba Azad) and Khanna (Shreya Dhanwanthary), as they rant, smoke, and deal with drama throughout six different bathrooms. The Indian web series applies the often male-dominated raunchy humor to women and proves that bathroom humor shouldn’t be limited to one gender. Season 1 is now available on YouTube.

    2. Match Not Found


    This British Indie series appeared on Youtube and made a big splash in the web series world releasing 3 seasons in a year and becoming a finalist in the C21 Broadcast Awards and Raindance Festival. Created by and starring Nickelodeon actress Katie Sheridan, it revolves around the luckless in love 'Kat' and is a Bridget Jones/ Friends hybrid for our generation. The show is charming and funny and has an incredible cast of rising stars in the UK acting industry like Connor Mills and Kirsty J Curtis. It's also attracting a raft of more well known actors from the telly like James Baxter (BBC). Check it out now before it gets picked up by a network!

    3. Single by 30


    In this romantic dramedy from YouTube Red and Wong Fu Productions, two high school best friends reunite a decade after making a promise to get married if they are still single by 30. Now with 30 quickly approaching, we follow their search for love through the ups and downs of modern dating. It's a well produced and brief affair about that promise that everyone has!

    4. Ren, The Girl With the Mark


    It's a bold web series that takes on the fantasy genre but this little British team have poured their hearts and souls into this lovely bit of escapism starring the very talented Sophie Skelton. It's cleaning up a lot of production awards at the Webseries festivals and rightly so as it's ambition is as high as Westeros's towers!

    5. Coded


    It's a classic formula, inspirational teacher with a bunch of no-hope kids but if it ain't broke don't fix it! starring Jarod Joseph. A new teacher, dogged by a violent past, risks everything to reach his students, five tenth-grade misfits who don't give a shit. - It's slick and sexy, exactly how webseries should be done!

    6. Cat Planet


    Be honest, you've always wanted to discover a show about talking cat's and stoners trying to save the world! Well look no further! Chocked full of New York talent and the brainchild of another brilliant woman 'Charlotte Pines' it's unmissable! Especially after a joint! Nanette, Thomas, and Madeleine are the picture of Brooklyn gentrification: white, middle class, liberal arts-educated potheads who are suddenly faced with a brutal truth: Cats are f***ing aliens, and the fate of humanity and felinity is in their incompetent, jobless hands.

    The revolution is only beginning. Puff, puff, pass, motherfelines!

    7. Carmilla


    The popular web series returned this year for a third and final season. KindaTV’s “Carmilla,” based on the vampire novella written by Sheridan Le Fanu, features an amazing cast. Season 1 premiered two years ago, and the web series world was charmed by the quirky vlog style. “Carmilla” introduced viewers to a perky journalism student, Laura Hollis (Elise Bauman), and the broody vampire, Carmilla Karnstein (Natasha Negovanlis), as their lives became entangled with all things strange at Silas University. Season 3 finds Laura and Carmilla at odds as they attempt to navigate their feelings for each other and try to save the world from Carmilla’s mother, the Dean (Annie Briggs), who is attempting to open the Gates of Hell.

    The series has nearly 50 million views, a Canadian Screen Award, and a plethora of loyal fans, better known as #Creampuffs. While the series has ended after Season 3, the story will continue as a movie, which can be pre-ordered at VHX. Seasons 1–3 are available on YouTube.

    8. Arthur


    Think of Arthur as a stylish Italian funny brother of Dexter, though it's brief at one season of ten short episodes it's still worth committing to!

    9. The Katering Show


    Intolerable foodie, Kate McLennan, and her food intolerant friend, Kate McCartney, are brilliantly funny in this Australian “cooking show” web series. If you are officially *over* current obsessions with specialised foodstuffs, watch the hilarity that ensues as the Kates try and substitute onion for “asafoetida” and other such scenarios. The sketch of them at the organic farmer’s market, in Episode 2 – Ethical Eating, is a wonderful moment of cultural satire. They watch in bewilderment, and slight horror, the people around them who “can afford to have principles”. Season 1 was such a success that Australian network ABC poached them for their online viewing platform, nice one ladies!

    10. Amazon Reviews: The Musical


    Another genius idea! Real Amazon reviews set to music! By a talented team of creatives this really just needs to be seen to be believed so go watch it!!

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