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    21 Things From Chewy That Will Help Soothe You And Your Anxious Pet

    From soothing scents to cozy sleeping spots, these picks will do a world of good for your anxious pet – and you, too.

    1. A ThunderShirt anxiety vest that’ll help your pupper feel safe in stressful situations. This wraparound vest applies gentle pressure around your furry friend, which in turn can aid in alleviating fear or anxiety during thunderstorms, fireworks, travel, or even episodes of separation anxiety. It’s sort of like a wearable, weighted blanket for dogs.

    Reviewer's photo of a dog wearing the ThunderShirt

    2. A self-warming pet mat, so you can keep your pal both toasty and safe. True, there are tons of heated pet beds out there – but many of them are powered by electricity, and, well, leaving something electric and heated on while you’re not home is… not the safest idea. This mat, however, has a thermal core that warms up with and retains your pet’s own body heat. How neat is that?

    The pet mat in the color Snow Leopard

    3. A Smart Pet Love Snuggle Puppy plush toy designed specifically to ease anxiety in stressed pets. The secret is the “real-feel” heartbeat mechanism hidden inside the toy; it mimics what a pup would hear and feel when cozied up with a parent or litter, providing comfort and alleviating loneliness. (There’s a cat version, too, by the way!)

    The Snuggle Puppy

    4. Or, an aromatherapy squeaky toy that releases the calming scent of lavender essential oils whenever your pet squishes it. Whether your animal friend freaks out during thunderstorms or has separation anxiety, this ring-shaped plush might offer a bit of calming relief. (FYI, the color you’ll receive is random, according to reviewers.)

    5. A lavender and green tea candle that’ll both neutralize pet odors in your home and fill the air with two calming scents. (Never underestimate the soothing qualities of lavender.) Made of 100% soy wax, this jarred candle burns for up to 70 hours.

    The candle

    6. A donut-shaped calming bed with orthopedic support, because your pet deserves to nap somewhere so comfortable, they never want to leave. It’s basically a fluffy bean bag chair for your equally fluffy companion – and if they like to nest or burrow, this pick is perfect for that.

    The pet bed in the color Frost

    7. A jar of peanut butter-flavored calming bites that’ll quiet your hyperactive pup right down and cut down on any stress-driven destruction of couches, rugs, and more at the paws of your furriest friend. These chews are peppered with ingredients like hemp seed and chamomile – and they taste just like treats!

    Reviewer's photo of the calming bites

    8. A cozy gecko cave for your reptile buddy, because who doesn’t like curling up somewhere comforting to sleep? When lizards don’t have enough places they can hide and feel safe, they may become anxious – so making sure you’ve got a variety of hidey-holes in their habitat is essential.

    Reviewer's photo of a gecko in the gecko cave

    9. A two-pack of silicone treat lick mats, so you can solve both boredom and anxiety issues for your lonesome pal, and give them a tasty treat, all in one go. Licking can be soothing for pets in addition to helping them stay busy, so spreading these mats with peanut butter, pumpkin, or another squishy kind of treat, freezing them, and then letting your doggo have a go will keep them occupied and pacified in the most delicious way possible.

    The lick mats

    10. A Furbo dog camera and treat dispenser, so you can keep an eye on your pet even when you’re not home. This camera, which can be controlled from your phone, features night vision, motion detection, and a barking alert, so you’ll always know what your furry pal is up to – and since it also has audio capabilities, you can actually talk to them through it if they start getting a little rowdy. You can even use the app to give a treat to your pet. Who's a good boy?

    The Furbo

    11. A bag of calming cat food specially formulated to help smooth out your kitty’s rough edges. This vet-recommended pick includes amino acids, alpha-casozepine, L-tryptophan, and vitamin B, all of which can help with anxiety and behavioral issues when regularly incorporated into your cat’s diet.

    The cat food

    12. A bottle of de-stressing, lavender and chamomile pet shampoo, because some targeted aromatherapy might help turn the terrifying experience of bathing your pet into something a little less stressful. Is the aromatherapy for you? For your pet? For both of you? Who knows! But if it smells nice and makes bath time enjoyable for at least one of you — if not both — then I’d consider that a win.

    The de-stressing shampoo

    13. A molting and conditioning supplement for small birds, because even our flying friends can feel a bit down when they’re literally losing all their feathers. Molting is necessary, but it can be stressful for your bird friend. Luckily, the vitamins and minerals, prebiotics, and probiotics, and Omega-3 in this supplement can help them feel their best throughout the process.

    The molting and conditioning supplement

    14. A Pet Acoustics Pet Tunes speaker to fill the room with relaxing tunes just for your pupper. Music has been found to calm dogs down when they’re stressed out or nervous – and the 90 minutes of music that comes pre-loaded onto this Bluetooth speaker has been designed specifically to help cut down on barking and pacing, and generally chill your dog out. It’ll play for eight hours at a stretch, too. (Pssst – there’s also a cat version, if your household is more of the feline persuasion!)

    The Pet Tunes speaker

    15. A case of calming cat litter (yes, really), because your feline friends deserve to have a spa-like toilet experience just as much as you do. This option from Fresh Step will soothe with the delightful scent of rose and chamomile – and it’s designed to keep your cats’ paws clean, which means less litter tracked throughout your home after they’re done doing their business. Everybody wins!

    The cat litter

    16. A focusing and calming supplement for your horse that’ll help your favorite hooved friend chill out under the most trying of circumstances. A dose of this stuff will keep your horse calm for about two hours without drowsiness, making it perfect for everything from competitions to simple changes in their habitat. Also, it’s hay-flavored, so odds are they’ll gobble it right up.

    The calming supplement

    17. An automatic pet food dispenser, so your pet can always feel at ease knowing that they’ll be fed at the same time every day. This feeder can hold up to 20 cups of dry kibble, and it can be programmed to drop food into tray up to four times a day. The best part? It can run on both electricity and batteries – so if there’s a power outage, the feeder will still function, thanks to its backup batteries.

    18. A calming travel spray for your cat, if hitting the road (or air, or water, or whatever) makes them nervous. This product from Feliway isn’t a tranquilizer but instead, uses pheromones to relax your feline pal. Just spray it in their carrier about 10 minutes before you intend to leave, and voila — a calmer, quieter voyage.

    The spray

    19. A bottle of API Stress Coat to keep your finny friend stress-free and their slime coat in tip-top condition. Adding 5 milliliters of this stuff per every 10 gallons of water will help cut down on the chlorine, chloramines, and heavy metals that might be present in your tank, while doubling the dose helps build up a damaged slime coat and heal other skin and fin ailments. A healthy fish is a happy fish!

    20. A portable, soft-sided cat crate designed specifically to give your cat somewhere calm to rest when you’re on the road – which, let’s face it, is almost never any cat’s ideal situation. This comfy pop-open crate has mesh sides for visibility and breathability, but you can also roll down some covers for them if your cat would prefer to hide out in a cave. Oh, and it’s got built-in seat belt straps, too, so you know they’re comfy and safe.

    a reviewer photo of two cats in the carrier

    21. And some calming, rawhide-free chew sticks, so those anxious dogs with the need to gnaw have just the thing to keep them occupied. Easily digestible, these sticks are made with vegetables, chicken, chamomile, and lavender, making for a tasty yet mellow chewing experience.

    Reviewer's photo of a dog chewing on the chew stick

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