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    31 Things From Target That'll Do Jobs You Probably Didn't Even Know Needed To Be Done

    No matter how odd the job, there's a solution or problem-solver out there that'll take care of it.

    1. A no-spill ice cube tray, because making sure you’ve got perfectly chilled beverages doesn’t have to be messy or painful. This tray from OXO includes a sealed silicone lid that keeps whatever you put inside the tray right where it belongs.

    The ice cube tray

    Promising review: “I never thought I’d be writing a raving review for ice cube trays, but these are fantastic! Our fridge ice maker broke and instead of investing in repairing an older fridge, we decided to give these ice cube trays a try. We were skeptical because we remember the miserable ice cube trays of our childhood. These trays are everything an ice cube tray should be. They’re user friendly, the cubes come out easily, they make a nice-sized cube, and they don’t have to be placed perfectly flat! I’ve squeezed them in the freezer tipped and stacked with zero leakage! Here’s a helpful tip: After filling the tray with water and smoothing the lid over the top, be sure to tip the tray in all directions (over the sink) to drain excess water. Who knows, you may find yourself writing a rave review for an ice cube tray too!” —Chrissy

    Price: $10.59

    2. A vacuum wine preserver to make sure your favorite bottles of vino stay fresh for days after opening. Air is one of wine’s greatest enemies — but this little gadget pumps all the air out of any open bottle, after which the (patented!) “Push Button” stopper ensures it’ll stay that way until you’re ready to pour yourself another glass. Never waste another bottle of the good stuff again!

    The wine preserver

    Promising review: “Exactly what I needed to preserve wine. Super easy to use and at a great price!” —Celine230l

    Price: $10.99

    3. A tongue-cleaning brush, because you do not need any unwanted, bad breath–causing bacteria taking up residence inside your mouth, thank you very much. This unusual but useful little tool has a scraper on one end, along with the actual brush — which, fun fact, uses the same kind of bristle that surgical scrub brushes do — to help you keep your piehole fresh.

    the tongue-cleaning brush in pink

    Promising review: “Love this! I replace it every three months when my Quip toothbrush refill comes in. This has helped so much with my bad breath and overall oral health. I have definitely noticed a difference since I first started using it.” —Cat

    Price: $4.49 (available in blue)

    4. A Turbie Twist towel that’ll cut down your hair’s drying time considerably. The towel's microfiber material wicks water away much more quickly than plain ol' terry cloth does. If you have thick hair that takes ages to dry, it's definitely worth having one of these little babies on hand. (Source: Me. It’s me. My hair is so thick, y’all. These towels help a ton.)

    Promising review: "I was having trouble finding a microfiber cloth big enough to wrap around my hair after the shower. This is PERFECT... The tail is super long to accommodate long, thick hair. The loop is easy to use and it stays on. Dries my thick, curly hair well! I love it. It's so easy and it makes getting ready easy because I know my hair is taken care of and the towel won't fall off my head. Yay!" —targeteer

    Price: $7.89 (available in four prints)

    5. Speaking of hair, a silicone mat that’ll protect your countertops from the heat of flat irons, curling wands, and other hair-styling tools. Since this one is foldable, you can even wrap it around your tools when you travel, too. Better safe than sorry when it comes to hot tools and your luggage, right?

    The mat

    Promising review: “Love this product! I wanted something to put my heat tools on in our apartment bathroom and it’s perfect. I also love it for traveling. Can wrap your tools up in it.” —Target reviewer

    Price: $12.99

    6. A box of rinse pods for your Keurig, because the insides of your coffee maker enjoy a quick scrub every now and again, too. (And besides, no one wants gross, stale-tasting coffee, right?) Happily, it’s easy to do with these rinse pods: Just run your Keurig as usual using one of them instead of a pod filled with coffee (or tea, or whatever).

    The Keurig rinse pods

    Promising review:I use once a week to keep our coffee tasting fabulous. Works great!” —Fay

    Price: $6.39 (originally $7.99)

    7. Some bra extenders that’ll make your too-tight bands actually fit. This pack includes three of the little doohickeys; all you need to do is attach them to the hook end of your bra, and voilà! Inches of extra breathing space — literally.  

    The bra extenders in the colors White, Beige, and Black

    Promising review: “Worked like a charm. Bought bras that were too tight. This completely solved the problem. [The] attaching bra does need to have three hooks.” —Adev

    Price: $6.99

    8. A three-pack of Sharpie highlighters with clear tips, so you can actually see what you’re highlighting as you go. It’s never a problem until you realize you’ve gone way off the mark — and now you never have to worry about it happening again!

    One of the highlighters in the color Yellow

    Promising review: “Sharpie has the best highlighters. These clear tips make it easy for my 7-year-old son to know where to stop. He’s used these so many times and they never dry out. Amazing product.” —Rhow 

    Price: $3.99 (originally $4.99)

    9. A mesh router system that’ll boost the internet signal in your home in ways you wouldn’t believe. No need to resign yourself to having weird dead zones scattered throughout your abode; a good mesh router like this one will extend and strengthen the Wi-Fi signal so that it reaches everywhere. 

    The mesh router system

    Promising review: “We have a long house with an attached studio dwelling, but with a garage between our house and the studio. We needed our Wi-Fi signal to pass from one end of the house, through the garage, to the studio. We plugged these in and it works fabulously, with a great signal throughout the house, garage, and studio.” —Target reviewer

    Price: $199

    10. Some dishwasher–cleaning pods, because yes, even things whose job is to clean other things need cleaning every now and again. Just empty your dishwasher, pop one of these in the detergent compartment, and run the machine, and voilà! A spick-and-span interior you can be sure won’t gunk up your dishes instead of cleaning them.

    The dishwasher cleaning pods

    Promising review:My dishwasher looks brand new again. I’ve had it for three years and didn’t realize it was so gross inside. I have a stainless-steel interior and it’s so clean and shiny again. I did have to use the entire three-pack, but I’ll continue to buy this and keep it up by following the recommendation. After the awful smell my dishwasher was previously leaving on my dishes, I welcome the smell of this product. I don’t think it’s terribly strong but it is there.” —Target reviewer

    Price: $4.99

    11. A two-pack of silicone FurZappers that’ll ensure your clothes are always pet hair–free when they come out of the wash. Just toss these suckers in with your load — one in the washer and one in the dryer — and any pet hair that’s clinging to your favorite T-shirts and leggings will gravitate toward the FurZappers as the cycle runs. Genius, or genius?

    Gif of person cleaning pet hair off a blanket with the two silicone tools

    Promising review: "I use these in every load of laundry and they seem to actually help! Still some hair and fuzz left behind, but I didn't expect them to be perfect." —Beth

    Price: $14.99

    12. Some super-sticky Post-it notes – it'll stay put, no matter where you stick 'em. We've all been there: You write something important down on a sticky note and slap it somewhere you think you're guaranteed to see it...only to have it detach in about five minutes and drift underneath a piece of furniture, never to be seen again. Not so with these! The extra-powerful, plant-based adhesive keeps them right where you put them. Problem solved.

    The Post-its

    I've been keeping track of my life with Post-its for — I kid you not — roughly a decade and a half, and the super-sticky variety are the only ones I’ll buy anymore. They have never failed me  — and they don't leave any weird, sticky residue when you do finally take them down, either. 

    Promising review: “Yaaaaas! Useful and great quality. Does what it’s supposed to. Great stick to it, too.” —LAmothr

    Price: $5.39


    13. A unique, reusable notebook that combines advanced technology with good ol'-fashioned note-taking capabilities, because the future is NOW. This pick from Rocketbook allows you to write on all 32 pages like it’s a regular paper notebook — but then, you can blast your notes directly to Google Drive, Slack, iCloud, and more, making the transfer from “paper” to digital instantly. And then, you can erase everything in the Rocketbook and return it to its original, blank state. You’ll never need to buy another notebook again!

    The Rocketbook notebook

    Promising review: “This is the last notebook I'll ever buy. I recently bought all three Rocketbook notebooks and I love them all. This Everlast is the notebook I use for work every day. Simply take notes, scan them into my Google Drive folder or send to my email, then wipe the pages clean and do it all over again. Genius.” —Target reviewer

    Price: $27.99+ (available in three colors)

    14. A candle that eliminates odors without using heavy perfumes as its main point of attack. Whether you have lovable-but-stinky pets or just occasionally feel like your home has gotten a bit musty, this soy candle from the odor-elimination experts at Febreze might help; just light the wick and let it works its magic. Mmmm. How soothing.

    The candle

    Promising review: “This actually removes odors in the room and adds a nice, light scent, kind of an ocean breeze scent. It’s not overpowering, but does remove odors.” —catlover14

    Price: $4.99

    15. A paw washer that’ll stop muddy pets in their tracks — literally. This lil' cup is lined with soft, silicone bristles; when your doggos come home from a messy frolic, just fill the cup up with water, guide their paws in one by one, and twist the cup around a little bit to get all the gunk off. Your floors will thank you for it.

    The paw washer

    Promising review: “Wonderful product! So easy to use and my 55-pound puppy was getting harder and harder to pick up. Fill the bottom with water, put puppy’s muddy paw in, and twist. It’s a carpet saver! Definitely recommend one for the house and one for the car.” —Justine

    Price: $24.99

    16. A skincare mini-fridge, so you can store your favorite lotions and potions in the cool, light-free environment they need without sacrificing valuable food space in your kitchen fridge. This cute little appliance fits right on any countertop, making for easy access. An indulgence? Perhaps. Useful all the same? Absolutely.

    The skincare mini-fridge

    Promising review: “This skincare fridge is the perfect size to keep all my serums, lotions and my jade roller! It’s been so nice having everything in one spot and chilled.” —C

    Price: $59.99

    17. A stick of anti-blister balm that’ll save your feet from a fate worse than...well, maybe not death, but certainly extreme discomfort. Whether your sandal straps chafe or your sneakers rub uncomfortably against a bunion or two, an application of this little twist-up stick might help ease your pain.

    A model rubbing the anti-blister balm on their feet

    Promising review: “I was a bit skeptical about this, but have used their Body Glide version before with good success. I bought new shoes that work well for me except blisters on the inside of my foot that were really uncomfortable. The shoes otherwise felt great, so I was adamant about keeping them. I tried this and no more blisters, seriously! Easy to apply and lasts a long time.” —Rachel

    Price: $7.49