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    27 Simple Everyday Items From Target That’ll Save You A Buttload Of Money Over Time

    Tired: Buying the same thing over and over again whenever you run out. Wired: Buying one thing, once, and then never having to buy it again.

    1. A reusable coffee pod for your Keurig, because K-Cups add up, y’all. If you’ve got one of these lil’ guys on hand, you can buy your favorite ground or whole bean coffee in bulk – always a money-saver! – and just pack it into the filter capsule. It brews just like a regular K-Cup, except you don’t have to throw it away afterwards: Just pop the capsule out of the machine, empty out the used grounds, and give it a good scrub to get it ready for another cup.

    A person packing the coffee pod with ground coffee

    2. And an insulated travel coffee mug to go with it, so you can stay caffeinated without needing to fuel up at a coffee shop every day. This pick from Contigo will keep your freshly-brewed java hot for hours — and even better, it’ll make sure nothing escapes, either, thanks to the push-button-operated seal.

    The insulated travel mug in the color Millennial Pink

    3. A pack of eight reusable sandwich bags that’ll make sure you always have somewhere safe to stash your munchies. Refrigerator- and freezer-safe and made without BPA, PVC, or phthalates, these resealable bags can be used over and over and over again; just run ‘em through your dishwasher on the top rack or hand-wash them, and they’re ready for a whole ‘nother sandwich. Good for your lunch. Good for your wallet. Everybody wins! 🥪

    4. A bottle of powerful carpet stain remover from Bissell, because paying to steam-clean your carpets every time your cat hacks up a hairball just isn’t feasible for most of us. A must for pet owners — or for anyone who’s just a little clumsy (I happen to be both!) — this stuff works equally well on pet messes and coffee spills, and it gets the job done in literal seconds.

    The carpet stain remover

    5. A unique reusable notebook that might just be the last notebook you ever need to buy. Combining advanced technology with good ol'-fashioned note-taking capabilities, this pick from Rocketbook allows you to write on all 32 pages like it’s a regular paper notebook — but then, you can blast your notes directly to Google Drive, Slack, iCloud, and more, making the transfer from “paper” to digital instantly.

    The notebook in use

    6. A stackable Bentgo bento box set, so you can put your dinner leftovers to good use at lunch the next day. (Hoorah for cutting food waste!) The two containers in this set give you plenty of space for packing all your lunchtime must-haves – and the best part? Just arranging everything in a bento box will make it look so visually appealing.

    7. And a canvas lunch tote so pretty, you’ll find every possible excuse to use it. (What better way is there to get in the habit of packing your lunch instead of ordering out than that?) With a big, roomy compartment and – key point! – insulation to keep everything fresh, this easy-to-carry tote makes lunchtime both delicious and ~aesthetic~.

    The lunch tote in the color Blue

    8. A MakeUp Eraser microfiber cloth that can remove a full face of makeup using only water – and then go right in the wash to work its magic again the next day. If you’ve been thinking about switching to an alternative to single-use (and pricey!) makeup wipes, this pick is worth looking into; with proper care, it’s usable for up to a whopping five years.

    A model using the MakeUp Eraser to remove a full face of makeup

    9. Or, a set of machine-washable bamboo and cotton facial rounds you can swap in for your old single-use cotton pads. Good for everything from toner to micellar water, this pack of seven rounds even includes a wash bag to keep them safe in the laundry. No need to keep repurchasing with these on hand!

    The reusable cotton and bamboo rounds

    10. Some refillable gel ink pens too cute to throw out even when they're all dried up – and hey, good news! Since they come with ink refills, you won’t have to! Bonus: The eight pastel pens in this set from U Brands are also made of renewable and reclaimed wheat straw, rather than plastic.

    The pens

    11. A set of antimicrobial micromesh wash bags, because taking care of your clothing now means not having to replace it all due to wear and tear nearly as soon later. With two large bags and two medium-sized ones, this set of four from Woolite gives you everything you need to make sure items both big and small — from workout gear to intimates — stay safe in the laundry.

    The wash bags

    12. And some reusable wool dryer balls that are way easier on your clothes than dryer sheets – and easier on your budget, too. Throwing these soft little spheres into the dryer with your clothes will soften them up, remove odors, reduce wrinkling, cut down on static, and even shorten drying time. What’s not to love?

    The dryer balls

    13. A quartet of beautiful, gingham-pattern cloth napkins that’ll make even a bowl of cereal feel classy in a way that ripped-off squares of paper towel just can’t. These neutral-but-not-boring napkins bring a cozy, homey feel to any kitchen or dining table – and since they’re machine washable, you can use them again, and again, and again, and…

    The napkins

    14. A bottle of Shout's most advanced stain remover spray, so you can immediately rescue your favorite shirt from the horrors of tomato sauce-induced doom the very moment you spill some of your dinner on it. Just spray some of this unique gel formula on the stain, and then leave it alone for a bit — up to a whopping seven days. Then, the next time you throw the item in the wash, voila! A stain-free piece will emerge, just like that — no expensive dry cleaning bill required!

    blue spray bottle of shout next to laundry basket

    15. And some sneaker cleaner that’ll make your kicks look like new, over and over and over again. From the shoe experts at Kiwi, this handy dandy shoe shampoo can help blast dirt and other stains right out of sneakers, tennis shoes, and even suede. “New shoes?” they’ll all ask – and you’ll just smile the enigmatic smile of someone with a truly excellent secret up their sleeve.

    A shoe, before and after using the sneaker cleaner

    16. An unexpectedly stunning hand soap dispenser, because who says saving money can’t also be aesthetically pleasing? From Target’s Opalhouse line designed with Jungalow, this fluted green glass soap pump does double duty as bathroom décor and a budget-friendly way to keep those hands squeaky clean.

    The soap dispenser bottle

    17. And a big ol’ bottle of lemon verbena-scented Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day hand soap in the 33-ounce refill size. If you’re jumping on the refillable-soap-dispenser train, you’re going to need some soap to refill said dispenser with, right? Buy in bulk; save a few dollars; lather, rinse, repeat (literally); and before you know it, “a few dollars” will have become quite a few more.

    The hand soap

    18. A pair of produce-saving storage containers that'll help you truly get the most out of each grocery trip. There is nothing sadder than opening your fridge to realize the strawberries you bought two days ago have already started to get fuzzy — but with this set, you’ll be able to stave off that tragedy for way longer. Strawberry shortcake, here you come!

    The produce-saving storage containers

    19. A four-pack of reusable silicone drinking straws perfect for the iced coffee lover who CANNOT enjoy their favorite beverage without a straw. No need to keep spending $$ on pack after pack with these on hand; you can just run ‘em through the dishwasher when you’re done and use ‘em for another drink later. Heck yes.

    The drinking straws in the color Sandstorm/Crisp Green

    20. Or, some stainless-steel straws, if you like your drinking straws to have a bit more structural stability. These shiny steel options from Ello are a little less… floppy than silicone straws are, but they still have silicone-coated mouthpieces to protect your teeth from accidental bites (ouch).

    The straws

    21. And a cold brew coffee maker from Takeya, while we're on the subject, because it’s actually surprisingly easy – and cost-effective! – to make the good stuff at home: All you have to do is pack in the ground coffee, fill the pitcher with water, and let the whole thing sit in your fridge overnight. What coffee lover doesn’t dream of having cold brew on demand?

    The cold brew maker

    22. A Waterpik flosser that’ll help you take care of your pearly whites and pay off for you in the long run. Is a device like this a bit more of an investment up-front than a little ol’ pack of floss? Sure, but after a while, this pick will have paid for itself in the cost of disposable floss alone – not to mention the effect keeping your teeth and gums in shape can have on your dental bills.

    The Waterpik flosser in the color Mint Green

    23. A glass cleaning spray bottle you can just keep refilling with your favorite cleaner, instead of opening your wallet for a whole new spray bottle every time you run out. This durable bottle from Grove features a colorful silicone sleeve to keep it from slipping – and it’s also unexpectedly luxe-feeling to use. Wiping down your kitchen counters has never felt so ~fancy~.

    A model spraying the spray bottle

    24. A foot peeling mask from Holler and Glow, because an at-home pedi can be just as fun and relaxing as a trip to the salon. These Lisa Frank-esque booties are powered by glycolic and lactic acids; let 'em get to work for about an hour while you chill out, and over the next few days, all your dry, flaky foot skin will just... slough away. Gross, yet satisfying, and under $5 to boot!

    The foot peel masks

    25. A packable tote that’s perfect for groceries – especially if you live somewhere that taxes plastic carrier bags. With a bright and sunny design by Tabitha Brown, this adorable bag is ideal for stashing in your purse or backpack; that way, you’ve always got something on hand for unexpected errands.

    26. A vacuum wine preserver and two stoppers, so you’ll be able to enjoy every last drop of your favorite vino – even if it takes you a couple of days to get through the bottle. Air is the enemy of wine; this gadget from Oxo, however, pumps all the air out of your open bottle, stopping it up tight and keeping it fresh. I’ll drink a toast to that!

    The wine preserver and two stoppers

    27. And a Brita water pitcher that’ll keep you hydrated, even if you live somewhere the tap water is… uh… not great. You’re probably already familiar with the ubiquitous Brita, but in case you’re not, each pitcher has a filter in it that’ll render hard or mineral-heavy water much tastier to drink. No need to rely on cases of bottled water when you can filter your own!

    The Brita pitcher with several filters

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