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Damon Salvatore A Vampire To Remember

Even with 'The Vampire Diaries' being over Damon Salvatore has yet to be forgotten. Here are the many reasons why...

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When you hear the word vampire what comes to mind? Who do you picture? Perhaps Damon Salvatore?

1. Alluring

2. Dangerous and deadly

3. Good sense of style


With that raven hair that any woman (including fan) would be tempted to run their fingers through, jaw-line that could cut glass, striking icy blues and a voice that could be deemed as ‘bedroom voice’ it’s safe to say Damon Salvatore is certainly alluring. Even without compulsion his looks alone could help him get exactly what he wants.

Dangerous & Deadly

When first entering Mystic Falls before he was known for being the ‘dark knight’ and protector of the town he relished in causing an eternity of misery to his younger brother Stefan. When it came to the hunt Damon not only enjoyed the chase but also playing with his food before making it his food. When at his full strength Damon can be extremely dangerous and you definitely don’t want to be going head to head with this guy because he’ll take out his enemy’s without even a moment’s hesitation

Good Sense of Style

Damon’s style has usually remained the same throughout the series. You’ll find the eternal stud sporting black t-shirts, v-necks, dark jeans, black combat boots and of course this vampire never leaves home without his leather jacket. On the rare occasions that he’s not wearing this ensemble he’s causing fan girls everywhere to salivate donning a tux that comes off looking as if it had been made for him and him alone.

The Bigger Picture

We can all agree that Damon fits the bill for being a good vampire but what makes this character the best TV Vampire? Well it goes beyond all of this because so many vampires’ we’ve come to know through different series are just as alluring as Damon but it’s deeper than that. It’s like when someone wants to focus on not just outer beauty but inner beauty as well and Damon Salvatore is a beautiful character.

Damon is morally grey because he’s not totally good or completely evil. He’s still trying to do the right thing and be the better man but sometimes his reckless nature ends up getting the best of him. He’s not your cliché run of the mill vampire –coughs- sorry Edward but no vampire out there is perfect they all have their flaws and Damon definitely has his but he’s trying. Even though he’s made his fair share of mistakes he always owns up to them. It’s compelling to watch a character who we first met go from being a vengeful vampire swearing agony on his little brother to someone who does everything in his power to protect him. From being someone who was selfish to being selfless by putting others happiness before his own. Even though vampires like Damon don’t exist fans can find they relate to him sharing with his loneliness and their need to want to fit in. There is so much depth to this character. You can’t help but fall in love with him especially when you realize that there is a man beneath the monster and it’s that man that fans have invited into their hearts and homes every Thursday/Friday night.

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