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    12 "Degrassi" Storylines That Still Honestly Just Make Me So Uncomfortable


    Note: This post contains content around sexual assault, self-harm, mass shootings, and other disturbing topics. Please continue at your own discretion.

    Degrassi was one of the biggest hit shows of the '00s and well into the '10s. Now that all of the episodes have been uploaded to YouTube, I spent a good part of my COVID quarantine rewatching the show to bask in the nostalgia. However, as an adult, I'm now seeing many of these stories from a new perspective — and realize many of the stories say the least.

    1. Emma Is Nearly Sexually Assaulted By A Pedophile

    Emma and the real Jordan. Episode: "Mother-Child Reunion, Part 2"

    2. Paige Dates Her Teacher After He Threw Her Under The Bus

    3. Peter Takes Advantage of Manny and Distributes Child Porn

    Peter films Manny. Episode: "Venus, Part 1"

    4. Peter Exploits Darcy To An Online Predator And She Still Dates Him

    Peter photographs Darcy. Episide: "Eyes Without a Face, Part 2"

    5. Manny Gets Engaged To Jay Knowing He Once Gave Emma Gonorrhea

    Jay and Manny at Manny's coming out party. Episode: "We Got The Beat"

    6. Caitlin Hooks Up With Ellie's Boyfriend

    Caitlin and Jesse are caught hooking up. Episode: "Jessie's Girl"

    7. Darcy Is Sent To "Brat Camp"

    Darcy at Brat Camp. Episode: "Bust A Move, Part 2"

    8. Caitlin Orders Spike Some Strippers

    Caitlin brings in the strippers. Episode: "I Against I"

    9. Homophobic Bully Owen Becomes "The Good Guy"

    Owen and Anya at a club. Episode: "Paper Planes, Part 1"

    10. Emma Abandons Her Friend To A Diabetic Coma

    Emma and an unconscious Becca. Episode: "Touch of Grey"

    11. Sav and Ms. Oh Hook Up

    Sav and Ms. Oh kissing. Episode: "Don't Panic, Part 1"

    12. All of Degrassi: School's Out

    Snake and Joey argue. "Degrassi: School's Out"