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    10 Of The Best Moments From The Original '80s "Degrassi" That'll Stick With Me Forever

    It's pretty much a classic.

    Millennials grew up on Degrassi: The Next Generation. It was such a popular show that it almost completely eclipses the First GenerationDegrassi Jr. High, and Degrassi High. And frankly, the original '80s Degrassi is nothing to scoff at: it was an excellent balance between discussing serious teen issues while showcasing the funnier and lighter moments of teenhood. In fact, I would argue that the original show balanced out the seriousness and lightness much better than the spinoff show. So, let's have a look at 10 of the best moments of the original Degrassi.

    1. Mr. Raditch and Yick Come To A Mutual Understanding

    Mr. Radditch praises Yick's assignment.  Episode 103: "The Experiment"

    2. Caitlin Wonders If Her Teacher Is A Lesbian

    Caitlin Talks to Ms. Avery. Episode 106: "Rumor Has It"

    3. Yick and Arthur Try To Watch A Porno

    Yick shows Arthur the porn tape he stole from his brother. Episode 107: "The Best Laid Plans"

    4. Dwayne Helps Out Scooter

    Dwayne helps Scooter with his locker. Episode 206: "Fight!"

    5. Yick Tries to Ask Out Melanie

    Arthur advises Yick to use flowers to ask out Melanie. Episode 111: "It's Late!"

    6. Lucy's Teacher Encourages Her Filmmaking

    Mr. O'Connor encourages and consoles Lucy after her disappointment about her film's reception. Episode 114: "It Creeps!"

    7. Spike Openly Discusses Abortion

    Spike talks to Heather about abortion. Episode 102: "A New Start, Part 2"

    8. Joey Helps Dwayne Deal with His HIV Diagnosis

    Dwayne and Joey fight in the bathroom. Episode: "Bad Blood

    9. Arthur and Yick Call Dr. Sally's Radio Show

    Arthur and Yick Call Dr. Sally's Teen Help line. Episode 203: "Great Expectations"

    10. And Joey, Wheels, and Snake Take Snake's Dad's Car

    Joey drives Snake's dad's car with Snake and Wheels in tow. Episode 211: "Trust Me"

    Do you have any favorite moments from the '80s Degrassi? Let me know in the comments below!