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13 Reasons Tennis Season Is The Fist-Pumpingly Best Time Of The Summer

Mexican waves all around!

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1. With all the history and tradition, it's impossible not to get a bit goosebump-y when it rolls around. / Via

The orange squash, the big screens over the park, Sue Barker. You can practically SMELL how fresh those tennis balls are.

2. Each year, we honour the best British player with a small hill outside Centre Court.

BBC / Via

What other tournament in the world does that? Bloody marvellous.

3. It's guaranteed to bring the entire nation together, come rain or shine.

(And even if it does rain, you have those awesome comedy doubles games to watch during the delay.)

4. Even the Royals get involved.

BBC / Via

Just like us normal folk!

5. It's just impossible not to get caught up in it.

6. Like, REALLY caught up in it...

Comedy Central / Via

7. the point you have to dust off your racket and get over to the park.

Fingers crossed you haven't lost anything off your serve since last year's outing...

Fingers crossed you haven't lost anything off your serve since last year's outing...

8. And tennis starts to become all you can think about.

Universal Pictures / Via

You're determined to perfect your backhand this year.

9. You even start becoming a bit cocky in your tennis abilities. / Via

You've watched all the opens this year, so obviously you're an expert. Obviously.

10. And it feels like pretty much the entire country has got tennis fever.

Fox / Via

Playing tennis and summer just go hand in hand, really.

11. Even your nan is all over it.

Jolly good.

Jolly good.

12. It's just so...British.

But British in the best way.
Getty Images / Brand New Images

But British in the best way.

13. (And we're actually good at it!)

BBC / Via

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