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10 Reasons Why BuzzFeed & DAT6 Are BFFs

Key takeaways that the DAT6 Team learned about BuzzFeed as a social content and distribution platform during the DAT6/BuzzFeed Induction Day at Nestlé HQ in Vevey, Switzerland.

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7. Editorial content informs our brand strategy


We have as many data scientists as we do editors employed at BuzzFeed! This allows us to pull from an extensive library of editorial content to understand what works and create stronger content for brands.

6. BuzzFeed isn’t a “one and done” partner


Content gets better over time, due to our iterative approach to applying insights and learnings. For example, Dear Kitten was the 4th video that Purina did with BuzzFeed and has over 22.8 million YouTube views, globally. The partnership sparked a 60% lift in purchase intent, which is the highest lift that Purina had in years!

4. BuzzFeed employees are the talent

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We don’t use an influencer or agency model. We make influencers out of our own staff - who establish skill sets across all levels (writing, filming, editing, and starring in our videos!)

3. BuzzFeed delivers reach AND impact


BuzzFeed’s CPG brand lift is 22x higher than the industry norm. The digital industry lift is 3% versus BuzzFeed's brand lift of 68%. And as a rapidly expanding global company, BuzzFeed is positioned to extend Nestlé's brand reach around the world.

2. Brands must learn how to speak to new consumers in a human voice

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75% of traffic to BuzzFeed is from social, and 60% of our content is consumed on mobile devices. We build for the vertical stream.

Always ask yourself: Would I share this? Is it human? Is it relevant?