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    Jun 6, 2019

    PRONTO LUXE BEAUTY Luxury Skincare Handcrafted From The Southwest With Earth's Sacred Elements

    ProntoLuxeBeauty is a truly clean skincare brand made with globally-sourced down to earth ingredients that inspires self-care and wellness. Our pure, high potency actives are sourced through a small handful of suppliers who work directly with farms all over the world.

    We are passionate about providing effective products ethically crafted with the highest quality, made with pure and nutritional botanical essences that support skin function while also easing feelings of anxiety and stress. Modern, natural, and as simple as they are elegant, we aspire to create a minimalist path to self-indulgence. For us, we believe skincare is a self-loving and sensorial ritual that nourishes, restores and balances not just our skin but our overall well-being. We believe nobody can take away the truth of your beauty- we want to empower you in such a way that is not purely results driven. And it is our belief that you can make healthy choices that effectively support the health of your skin while aging naturally and gracefully. Our promise to you, and ourselves, is to always select the finest and healthiest ingredients on the planet with uncompromising integrity and transparency, from seed to skin.

    The beauty of our Earth inspires us to celebrate and unleash nature's love of life to replenish and protect our skin with purpose, wisdom and wonder. In return, we strive to build sustainable business practices within our company culture- from our ethical sourcing, planting and harvesting of our precious raw materials to our product development and beyond. We are dedicated to using only the highest possible quality, sustainably produced and sourced, and fairly traded ingredients that have been proven for centuries to be both safe to use on the skin and effective in supporting skin health and function while also returning skin to its natural radiance. Our nutrient rich ingredients deeply hydrate for a more clarified and renewed complexion. Our gentle products are made with botanical essential oils, unrefined cold pressed plant oils & raw butters, mineral rich clays, exotic herbs and spices. We use Certified Organic ingredients whenever possible and our entire line is 100% vegan. Each nourishing artisan-crafted product is made in small batches which ensures every ingredient is fresh and at its optimal potency. The benefits of this ethical process are passed on to you. All of our synergistic ingredients serve a specific function and therapeutic benefit, suitable for all skin types and balances problematic skin conditions, such as eczema, blemish prone or dry skin. Our products are designed for minimal environmental impact, from start to finish. We also strive for ethical practices that stretch beyond our product development. Thoughtfully made with you in mind, our collection and recyclable amber glass containers & external packaging reflects our mission of delivering luxuriously clean skincare in a sustainable manner.

    Made with love and care, it is our commitment to bring you down to earth skincare that smells and feels luxurious and are free of preservatives, synthetics, fillers, parabens, phthalates, silicones, artificial dyes and fragrances. We do not use synthetics or toxins of any kind, always cruelty-free from day one and our lightly scented fragrances are a result of using high quality essential oils. You will experience a variety of captivating scents and textures, and the color in our products are obtained from the use of our raw ingredients, nothing artificial whatsoever. Natural skincare infused with beauty and simplicity, our safe and effective non-toxic products both nurture the skin and transcends beauty in every sense of the word. Because ProntoLuxeBeauty is so much more about skincare. Taking you to a magical place of love, self-acceptance and relaxation by breathing in earthy, warm aromas that linger moment to moment, nature to nature.




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