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10 Times Jack And Dan Were #Relationshipgoals

"Haters will say it's fake!" Trust's not

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2. A Rock Solid Relationship


Let me set the scene for you (like I'm writing the duty log). The whole staff was sitting around tables in the classroom after a long day of formation and trying to become better CFs for all of you! We were recapping the session we all attended earlier in the day that covered the basics of earthquake safety, when Jack suddenly bursts into a personal earthquake story. Apparently, one day when he was watching Land of The Lost

there was an earthquake in the theatre. Suddenly, without any warning, Dan exclaimed "Oh my gosh that happened to me tooooo!" At least thirty seconds of giggles from the both of them followed this exchange. I can't make this stuff up.

3. *Ahh, Love* At Mission City

This is a screen shot from a video I took of the two of them having a good 'ol time in Mission City with Ice Cream products in hand. Look at the joy in Dan's eyes as he laughs at Jack's joke. *cue spongebob voice* Ahh...Love...

4. Positive Affirmations

"Jack, Thank You for your sense of humor and your deep love and affection for meat. I'm glad I can talk to someone for hours about The Office and Delicious Meats. -Dan"

How cute?

6. Tension in the Relationship

Dan doesn't like it when I try to capture their bromance in photographic form. But as you can probably tell at this point, this was just after Jack and Dan were revelling in each other's hilarious jokes.

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