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Just 13 Christmas Bargains From Lowes That Your Wallet Will Thank You For

Gather round and listen up, kind folk: Lowes is a Christmas haven just waiting to be plundered.

Christmas is upon us, which means you're going to have to figure out how much money you can afford to spend on your family and friends.

But never fear, broke-but-expensive-minded mortals! We've compiled a list of bargain Christmas gifts that will guarantee a couple of laughs, definitely some love and a little bit of leftover cash for yourself.

1. First off, for the person in your life who always complains that they need a beer, this shirt will stop their whining.

2. For the fishing enthusiast who wants some company on the high seas, this shirt could not get any better.

3. For the tradie who just wants to show the world that tough is sexy, this range of underwear should have them sorted.

4. And this range for their female counterpart, so their ~chemistry~ will be off the chart.

5. For the person who is loud and proud of their beverage choices, these scuffs are a match made in heaven.

6. For the fella who is as fashion forward as he is ~cool~ in the pool, there are these flower-fabulous swimmer shorts.

7. For the person in your life who is always getting sunburnt there's this floral bucket hat so that they're both sun-safe and fabulous.

8. For the golfer in all of us, this shirt is perfect for strolling across the green with a golf club strung across your shoulder.

9. For the guy in your life whose feet always burn on those 35+ degree days, these thongs are sure to get in between his toes and stay there.

10. For your father-in-law who you say "already has everything" — but actually you just forgot about them — there's this Christmas appropriate shirt, that his partner will probably (?) find sexy.

11. For your friend who tries their hardest, but still falls short, there's this shirt that makes sure they're always on the lookout.

12. For the person who loves to air out their legs during the summer, these shorts are sure to do the trick.

13. And for anyone that's been missed, there's everything else...

Get your stocking stuffed this Christmas at Lowes.

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