11 Things You Wish Your House Could Tell You

If only these walls weren’t so darn quiet. At least with Iris, the home management system available at Lowe’s, you can get pretty close.

1. "I know where the dead mouse is! (You're not going to like the answer.)"

2. "Good news: There wasn't an earthquake last night! Bad news: You're sleepwalking again."

3. "The neighbors can totally see your dance moves. Buy some curtains, and fast."

4. "Your cat logged onto your computer and ordered herself a lavish lunch."

5. "Your plants are on the cusp of death. Again."

6. "The new thing you're doing with your hair is good — don't fret!"

7. "I know exactly where your keys are."

Nick Keppol / Via Flickr: nkeppol

8. "Those ghosts are in your imagination, not your bedroom."

9. "There's a delicious pizza hiding in the back of your freezer. Set it free and be full!"

10. "Don't plan on seeing that security deposit anytime soon."

11. "Your roommate is getting into some serious mischief when you leave for work."

Inspired by Iris, the home management system available at Lowe’s:

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