13 Things We All Worry About After Leaving The House

The mind loves to play tricks. Now you can use Iris, the home management system available at Lowe’s, to check in with your home no matter where you are.

1. Did I re-lock the door after unlocking it? Maybe? No? Heeeeeeeeeeeelp!

2. Are all the lights on… or just one?

3. I haven't cooked in months, but the oven is totally burning something.

4. Ugh. A power surge has probably ruined every electronic thing I own.

5. The A/C is full-on freezing my dog to his precious little bones.

6. What if a ghost possesses my washing machine?

7. THE CANDLES!!! Everything is a vanilla-scented pillar of fire!

8. (Or there's a faucet flood.)

9. There's a 9% chance that my toys come to life when I'm not around.

10. On a scale of 1 to "Complete Destruction," how much trouble has my cat gotten into?

11. Seriously. Mischief is her best skill.

12. And I'm sure that the windows decided to open themselves.

13. …inviting a robber or two to stop by.

Inspired by Iris, the home management system available at Lowe's:

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