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15 Rules All First-Time Landscapers Should Follow

If you just moved into your first real home or are moving into a brand-new home, you probably are wondering how to begin landscaping! And it's easier than you might think! Let Lowe's help you get your garden in tip-top shape!

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1. Start by imagining your dream garden!


Get inspired! Is your fantasy garden more Pacific Northwest rustic, or more tropical? Or are you eclectic and don't want a theme? Either way, it will help to have a rough idea in mind before you start shopping for plants.

2. Always make a plan.


Yeah, yeah, not the most exciting way to start a fun project — but if you don't plan, you'll kick yourself later when you're over budget and nothing fits together in your yard.

3. Buy the right plants for your climate.

Zinnias, for example, thrive in hot weather that a lot of other plants can't take. And definitely ask an employee at your home improvement store for recommendations!

4. Lay out all your plants before you start digging.

This way, you can get a sneak peek at how everything will look once it's in the ground and play with spacing. And who wants to dig a bunch of holes for nothing?

6. Play with plants of differing heights.

With flowers, a stair-step arrangement of tall, average, and short plants looks great. And there are a ton of other great ways to show off your flowers!

9. Don't neglect those awkward spaces.

Most yards have one weird spot that no one knows what to do with. Don't forget about it — fill it with as many different colors and textures as you'd like to! Find out more ways to make over odd corners.

10. Try a mixed border.


Mixed borders originated in super-fancy English gardens — but they look cool in smaller gardens too because they're natural and less formal. Just layer texture and color!

11. Don't forget to "deckscape."

Use plants to camouflage your deck (or patio!) and make it one with nature. Find out what you need to do it at home!

13. Add a cute path.

Level up your yard with little finishing touches like these adorable stepping stones. Even beginners can do this awesome DIY.

15. If you're craving a cool feature, now is the time to create it!


Whether you've always wanted a fountain or a pond or some other feature, it's a good idea to build it when you're first landscaping rather than waiting.

Whatever you have in mind for your big landscaping project, Lowe's has what you need to make it a reality!