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8 Home Hacks That Will Make You Seem Like A DIY Genius In Just Seconds

Not everyone is a natural "do-it-yourselfer." Fortunately, there are a ton of quick and easy DIY hacks that take just seconds to do. And now with a little inspiration from #LowesFixInSix, even the least handy people will seem like DIY geniuses!

1. Remove a water stain from wood with a little real mayo.


This tip for a spotless kitchen is courtesy of The Ugly Duckling House.

2. Soak up big water spills in just seconds with sawdust.


This tip for a dry garage is courtesy of Charles & Hudson.

3. Use chalkboard paint and an old cutting board to create a reusable grocery list.


This tip to make shopping and meal planning easier is courtesy of Emily A. Clark.

4. Microwave a damp kitchen sponge for a few seconds to kill bacteria.


This sanitizing tip is courtesy of Bright Bold and Beautiful.

5. Attach a magnetic strip to the inside of your medicine cabinet to hold bobby pins and small items.


This tip for a tidier bathroom is courtesy of the DIY Playbook.

6. Create a flawless jack-o'-lantern with a cookie cutter and a mallet.


This tip for a perfect pumpkin is courtesy of Emma Magazine.

7. Transform a favorite tank top into a stylish throw pillow.


This chic tip is courtesy of The Design Confidential.

8. Remove pet scratches on wood with a walnut.


This perfectly polished tip is courtesy of Old Town Home.