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The Agony And Ecstasy Of Exposing Down Low Men

Dating and having sex with men on the down low complicated relationships. Trying to juggle their schedules, baby mamas, wife and kids can stress any experience. But some preferred the entanglements of “straight” men with good sex and double lives. Markeith Rivers, the self-proclaimed down low detective, outed men on FaceBook. Why are down low men so enticing?

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The DL Detective Outed Men On Facebook

He lured closeted guys to his car, bedroom, or motel room while the hidden camera captured his trysts. Rivers was shot in cold blood and was left for dead in someone's yard.  

“I died on the table for 10 minutes,” Rivers said. He rose from the dead and is thirsty for revenge. He revealed on FaceBook January that Tony Lamar Carthran was the one who shot and robbed him. 

Carthran stole his cellphone, computer, and car and drove it miles away to the outskirts of Charlotte and torched it. Rivers thinks Carthran searched for incriminating evidence to destroy. 

“I’m not a quitter…my calling is to protect these women from these men who live these alternative lifestyles.” Rivers said in a video posted on FaceBook.

The “DL Detective” is currently on vacation. He won’t be resting on his laurels for long. He’s asking for donations for his Facebook group that grants easy access to the secret trysts that nearly killed him. 

“I have enough exposures and videos, sex tapes, recordings, and pictures, to expose one person a week for the rest of the year,” Rivers said. “I will not stop. He tried and failed. I’m still going to win and they are still going to lose.”

What Lead To Him Being Shot?

Rivers exposed Charlotte Pastor Henrico White of Weeping Willow AME Church. He also captured rapper Yung Trizzy Trill on video on all fours, begging not to be exposed. 

Authorities found Guttah Kutthroat Reed dead in his home after Winters outed him on Facebook. “I would rather see a DL man kill himself than him to infect an innocent woman HIV,” Rivers said. He was like the gay Batman—a modern day vigilante sucking dick on film to expose his victims. 

These events precipitated to him getting shot last week. Is it wise to expose the people you’re having sex with? 

Falling For My “Straight” Man

Dealing with down low men is nothing new to me. From married men to masculine morons experimenting with gay sex--leading double lives that binged on secrets and lies exhausted me more than sex. I dated one guy who used to come to my apartment and we would hang out. He would come over and sleep in my bed. He considered himself straight. Whenever we were out together, he would hit on girls. And would define our relationship to anyone that would listen. “This is my homeboy,” he said. “He’s gay, but I’m not.”

After the song and dance was done. He would come home with me, and begged for me to blow him. While sucking his dick I would grab his ass, he would slap my hands away. One night, while I was sleeping. He tapped me. “Walter, you up?”

“Yeah, I am now.”

“I love you.”

“Oh, lord aren't you straight”

“Stop playin’ with me,” he said. “I love you.”

“Fine, I love you too.” 

He squeezed me that night and never let go. And like that, all the girls and outside opinions didn't matter. 

Not Living for Love

Rivers wasn’t looking for love or sex. He enjoyed humiliating guys in hilarious videos under the guise of helping out women. Installing hidden videos to expose his sexual conquests for the “greater good” put him in a precarious position. 

Living an honest and open lifestyle will absolve anyone of this problem. He would lose his power to expose. Was it fair for them to have their sexual performances recorded for Facebook while Rivers collected donations?  

Walter Reed is a writer, blogger, sexpert, sex columnist and gay dating advice guru. His work has been published in Washington Post, Huffington Post and at

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