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11 Totally Real Milestones Every Woman Faces Today

Giiiiirl, you'll be a womaaan soon.

1. Surviving your first REAL hangover that lasts more than a day.

2. Getting your first promotion.

3. Finally finding the one.

4. Being so excited to graduate from university...but not so excited about all your debt.

5. And then, decades later, finally paying off your student loans.

6. Trying on shapewear for the first time.

7. Starting your RRSP and feeling RRGAI (really, really good about it).

8. No longer conforming to other people's standards of beauty by finding your own.

9. Buying your very first car.

10. Moving into a new place that's yours and yours alone.

11. Going to your first event where a friend brings their baby.

The struggle is real. Watch the series premiere of Workin’ Moms, Tuesdays 9:30/10 p.m. NT on CBC.