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22 CBC Shows Every Canadian Needs In Their Life

Because CBC has it all.

1. Newborn Moms

Party in the comfort of your own home! Grab a drink and join these women as they tackle new mom daily struggles, secret shames and poopy messes!

Watch online here starting this fall.

2. True Dating Stories

When it comes to dating, truth is stranger than fiction. This series features real people who share their wildest and most embarrassing dating stories that will make you cringe and lol.

Watch online here starting in October.

3. CBC Arts

From your local hip‐hop cypher or yarn‐bombing collective to art auctions and contemporary opera, CBC Arts has the best in arts‐related content, characters and original web series from across CBC and beyond.

Interact online anytime here.

4. Canada Rising

Follow the Canadian national basketball teams in a behind-the-scenes look at the drive and determination it will take to get them to Rio 2016.

Watch online anytime here.

5. Crash Gallery

Three talented artists. One artistic challenge. Watch as they battle it out for bragging rights in an art arena before a live audience! Raw creativity at its finest!

Watch Fridays at 8:30/9NT starting Oct. 2, and online here.

6. The Plateaus

The Plateaus is a twisted, dark, punk-rock comedy starring Annie Murphy, Kyle Gatehouse and Matt Raudsepp. With guest stars Elisha Cuthbert, Jay Baruchel, Kevin MacDonald, Sam Roberts, Fred Penner and many more!

Watch online right here.

7. Interrupt This Program

This doc-style show looks at art as political protest, an agent of change, and a means of survival. Watch how artists make a big difference in Interrupt This Program.

Watch Fridays at 8:30/9NT on CBC starting Nov. 6.

8. Young Drunk Punk

"Beta— it’s the future." In a throwback to the ‘80s, Bruce McCulloch & Co. tell the story of two high school grads fighting against conformity in this all-new hilarious comedy.

Watch Tuesdays at 9/9:30NT starting Oct. 6, and online here.

9. Bondi Vet

Spend your afternoon with hot animal-loving Aussies and adorable critters! Dr. Chris, Dr. Lisa and Dr. Tim care for all animals on the world-famous Bondi Beach, across Australia and abroad. #CutenessOverload

Watch weekdays at 4/4:40NT starting Sept. 21, and online here.

10. Power & Politics

The political arena where decision-makers answer questions that matter most to you. Host Rosemary Barton never backs down from asking the tough questions on this show! Tune in for your daily dose of politics.

Watch M–F at 5/2PT/5:30NT and Sundays at 10AM/7PT/10:30NT on CBC News Network, or follow coverage online here.

11. The Doc Project

Each week, host Casey Mecija brings you a new radio documentary including "On Life, Love and Dying," and has a revealing chat with the people who made it.

Listen Tuesdays at 11:30AM/3:30NT and Thursdays at 9:30AM/10NT on CBC Radio One or online right here.

12. Firsthand

Firsthand features Canada's most talented documentary filmmakers, unforgettable characters and their untold stories, such as "The Woman Who Joined the Taliban."

Watch Thursdays at 9/9:30NT starting Oct. 15, and online right here.

13. Raised by Wolves

Raised by Wolves follows six socially isolated, home‐schooled siblings and their acerbic mother. This new comedy is based on the childhood of outspoken writer Caitlin Moran.

Watch Tuesdays at 9:30/10NT starting Oct. 6, and online right here.

14. This Life

This Life is a funny, honest drama about a family whose world turns upside down overnight, each doing their best to confront the consequences that come with all of their choices — big and small.

Watch Mondays at 9/9:30NT starting Oct. 5, and online right here.

15. The Romeo Section

The Romeo Section follows sexy spies who are informants engaged in "intimate relations with intelligence targets" in a haven for drug barons, fugitives and covert financiers.

Watch Wednesdays at 9/9:30NT starting Oct. 14, and online right here.

16. Because News

If you’re fed up with your newsfeed, this weekly quiz show with Gavin Crawford (here with his fave newsman Peter Mansbridge) and a panel of comedians will keep you laughing at recent events. Why? Because News.

Listen Saturdays at 11AM/11:30NT and Mondays at 11:30AM/3:30NT on CBC Radio One, and online right here.

17. Keeping Canada Alive

This epic six-part series gives us an unprecedented look at a day in the life of health care in our country. Keeping Canada Alive captures the human stories of Canadian patients and health care providers.

Watch Sundays at 9/9:30NT starting Oct. 4, and online right here.

18. Podcast Playlist

An audio sampler of the podcast world’s most intriguing content, Podcast Playlist curates an eclectic mix from the digital realm with host DJ Sean Rameswaram.

Listen Saturdays at 2/2:30NT, Thursdays at 11PM/11:30NT or online right here.

19. The Adventures of Napkin Man

A show about a new kind of superhero, The Adventures of Napkin Man uses comedy, animation and music to help kids learn to identify and manage their emotions.

Watch weekday mornings on Kids' CBC, or online anytime right here.

20. The National

Led by CBC News' Chief Correspondent Peter Mansbridge, The National delivers exclusive interviews and stories, bringing you the real story on #elxn42 and the most exciting election night coverage anywhere.

Watch Sunday to Friday at 10/10:30NT and Saturday at 6ET, plus every night at 9PM on CBC News Network, or online right here.

21. Unreserved

From Halifax to Haida Gwaii, and from Shamattawa to Ottawa, Rosanna Deerchild introduces you to the indigenous storytellers, culture-makers and community-shakers across the country on this unique radio show.

Listen Sundays at 7PM/8AT/8:30NT and Tuesdays at1PM/1:30NT on CBC Radio One, and online right here.

22. Quietest Concert Ever

Serena Ryder + 1,000 wireless headphones + the ocean floor of Bay of Fundy while the tide was out = the Quietest Concert Ever.

Watch Friday, Sept. 25, or online right here.

CBC has you covered on everything...literally! Be sure to keep up with all the best shows this fall.

All images courtesy of CBC.