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    19 Foolproof Gifts For The Most Inscrutable Person On Your List

    It’s all about finding thoughtful gifts that can help them to feel seen and loved.

    Even those who love gift-giving can get stumped when it comes to certain folks on their list. It can be quite challenging to shop for individuals like mothers-in-law, mysterious colleagues, pals with rigid aesthetic preferences or people who buy themselves whatever they want. However, it makes finding just the right holiday gift for these hard-to-please giftees even more satisfying.

    And while your instinct might suggest that bigger is better when it comes to this category of folks, I like to go simple. Fussy people or those who impulse-buy whatever their heart desires rarely want you to go all out. It’s more about thoughtful gifts that help them to feel seen and loved.

    Below, I’ve rounded up a selection of utterly foolproof gifts for even the most inscrutable person on your list. It includes simple home decor items like a unique sculptural vase, soft and plush slippers, a must-have rechargeable lighter and much more. You can’t go wrong with any of these goodies from some of our favorite retailers like J.Crew, Etsy, Amazon and more.

    2. A Bissell Little Green upholstery cleaner

    3. An organic cotton weighted blanket

    4. A Bodum Brazil eight-cup French press

    7. J.Crew cashmere blend trouser socks

    9. A Suprus electric lighter

    10. A Canon Selphy CP1500 Compact photo printer

    11. A four-pack of Kasa smart Wi-Fi plugs

    Reviewer's photo of plug

    12. A highly rated essential oil diffuser

    13. A Manta sleep mask

    14. Nikon Monarch M5 binoculars

    15. A Himalayan salt lamp

    16. A TheraGun Prime massage gun

    17. Madewell The Ezra slippers

    18. The Citizenry's Sitara glass vase

    Photo of both vases

    19. Sunday Riley's Good Genes serum

    Before and after 7 days of using the product

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