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    Why Elena Gilbert Is More Fun As An Emotionless Vampire

    Yeah, yeah, find the cure or whatever. Am I the only one who prefers The Vampire Diaries' Elena with fangs and apathy?

    Old school Elena was so sweet.

    The problem with sweetness? It's a little boring.

    Perfect couple! Snooze alert.

    When Elena wasn't smiling, she was so emotional.

    And worried about everyone else's feelings, all the time.

    And indecisive! Those poor Salvatore brothers.

    Not to mention being the queen of self-fulfilling prophecies.

    When she became a vampire, I was like, UGH FINALLY.

    But she still had so many FEELINGS.

    And then something amazing happened! Damon turned her humanity off.

    Now? Elena gives zero fucks.

    Instead of frustrating significant glances...

    She and Damon can have hot vampire sex.

    I mean, really.



    Stefan? Yawn. Damon? SIGN ME UP.

    Now Elena does whatever she wants, whenever she wants. And we get to watch from a safe distance.

    Suddenly SHE'S the fun one, hating on anyone who harshes her buzz.

    She's the badass I always hoped she would be.

    And she's got some harsh words for people who don't get it.

    Who knows what the future has in store. We might return to old Elena eventually.

    But until then, give me more of this.

    And this.

    And, of course, THIS.

    And I'll be satisfied.

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