Who Dies In These Nicholas Sparks Movies?

Because someone always dies. In honor of Safe Haven, let’s test your knowledge of Nicholas Sparks fatalities.

  1. 1. The Notebook

    The Notebook tells the story of star-crossed lovers Allie, an heiress, and Noah, a country bumpkin. Who dies?

    1. Allie
    2. Noah
    3. Allie and Noah
    4. Lon, Allie’s boyfriend
    5. Anne, Allie’s mother
  2. 2.

    What’s the cause of death?

    1. Car accident
    2. Old age
    3. Fire
    4. Storm
    5. War
  3. 3. A Walk to Remember

    A Walk to Remember chronicles the love story between bad boy Landon and quiet Christian Jamie. Who dies?

    1. Landon
    2. Jamie
    3. Landon and Jamie
    4. Reverend Hegbert, Jamie’s father
    5. Clay, Landon’s classmate
  4. 4.

    What’s the cause of death?

    1. Cancer
    2. Mudslide
    3. Murder
    4. Boat accident
    5. Old age
  5. 5. Message in a Bottle

    Message in a Bottle is the tale of Theresa, a reporter obsessed with love letters written to someone else, and Garret, the man who wrote the letters. Who dies?

    1. Theresa
    2. Garret
    3. Theresa and Garret
    4. Dodge, Garret’s father
    5. Jason, Theresa’s son
  6. 6.

    What’s the cause of death?

    1. Fire
    2. Car accident
    3. Old age
    4. Storm
    5. Animal attack
  7. 7. Nights in Rodanthe

    Nights in Rodanthe follows Adrienne, a woman recovering from the loss of her husband, and Paul, a surgeon dealing with the loss of a patient. Who dies?

    1. Adrienne
    2. Paul
    3. Adrienne and Paul
    4. Jack, Adrienne’s ex-husband
    5. Mark, Paul’s son
  8. 8.

    What’s the cause of death?

    1. Cancer
    2. Old age
    3. Fire
    4. Mudslide
    5. Car accident
  9. 9. Dear John

    Dear John relates the love story between John, a soldier serving in Iraq, and Savannah, the girl he left behind. Who dies?

    1. John
    2. Savannah
    3. John and Savannah
    4. Tim, Savannah’s husband
    5. Alan, Savannah’s stepson
  10. 10.

    What’s the cause of death?

    1. Cancer
    2. War
    3. Boat accident
    4. Car accident
    5. Murder
  11. 11. The Last Song

    The Last Song is about the love that blossoms between Ronnie, a rebellious teen girl, and Will, the popular do-gooder who wins her over. Who dies?

    1. Ronnie
    2. Will
    3. Ronnie and Will
    4. Jonah, Ronnie’s brother
    5. Steve, Ronnie’s father
  12. 12.

    What’s the cause of death?

    1. Car accident
    2. Storm
    3. Fire
    4. War
    5. Cancer

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