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What It Feels Like To Keep Up With "Pretty Little Liars"

You're confused as hell, but believe me, you are not alone. Spoilers through the Season 4 premiere.

Here's the thing: you love Pretty Little Liars.

Here's the other thing: you have NO IDEA what's going on.

Like, is Alison alive or what?

And is she a victim or a villain?

And what is Jenna's deal even?

And who killed Detective Wilden?


Here's the big question: why are you still watching a show that confuses the crap out of you?

Oh. Right.

Because reasons.

But like. You are a mature, intelligent individual. And you can't keep up with this ABC Family teen drama.

Remember when TV didn't require a cheat sheet?

You are just trying to follow along here and it's making you REALLY EMOTIONAL.

Are you too stupid for Pretty Little Liars? Because it feels that way.

But then you're like, "OK, stay strong. There are cute boys on this show. I can soldier on."

Maybe it's OK if you don't quite grasp everything. You'll focus on the bigger picture.

And the makeouts.

Seriously, SO MANY makeouts.

Besides, every once in a while you actually DO know what's going on. It's SUCH A THRILL.

But just as quickly, something TOTALLY INSANE happens. Your head is spinning. You can't handle it.

And you have to be like, "Pretty Little Liars, I love you, but you've become too convoluted."

This time, you are done. For good.


...Except you're not. Because curiosity gets the better of you every time.

And also cute boys. DAMN YOUR HORMONES.


Hey, you've made it this far. You're no quitter.

So once again, you try to focus on the good times.

And you find a way to keep watching, no matter how lost you are.

Like it or not, you are a Pretty Little Liars addict.

You care about these characters and their absurdly confusing lives.

And there's no chance you're ever really giving up.