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32 Ways You Relate To Xander On "Buffy"

In high school, you were totally the Zeppo.

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1. You make questionable romantic choices.

2. Sometimes REALLY questionable.

3. And you're not always great with boundaries.

4. You know when to run and when to fight.

5. (Mostly you run.)

6. You're a survivor. Sometimes that means fleeing.

7. You know your strengths. You're not a fighter.

8. Silly dancing? That you can handle.

9. Yeah, you've got the spaz thing down.

10. You're not nearly as suave as you think.

11. But hey, you're trying.

12. It doesn't help that you're almost always thinking about sex.

13. Blame your hormones.

14. At least you're not ONLY about looks.

15. The truth is, you're insecure.

16. Which is not to say you don't occasionally look good!

17. Sometimes you just feel out of the loop.

18. Maybe it's because you're a little immature.

19. You can come across like an idiot.

20. (Surely some people find it endearing?)

21. And a doormat.

22. You tend to speak before thinking.

23. Like you never learned how to communicate properly.

24. But when it counts, you know the right things to say.

25. Your pep talks are legendary.

26. You always have the right attitude.

27. And sometimes your love is all it takes to set everything right.

28. Your friends get that. And they appreciate you.

29. So even though you feel like a screw-up half the time...

30. Even when you're at your lowest...

31. The people who matter will stick by you, because they know you'd do the same.

32. And you'll never be alone.

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