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    18 Times Mellie Grant Put You In Your Place On "Scandal"

    She's like Jackie O, if Jackie O were also Satan.

    1. When she owned her evilness.

    ABC/Via alandwithmagic.

    2. When she gave an ultimatum.

    3. When she was prepared to make a scene.

    ABC/Via gifthemall.

    4. When she mocked your little crush.

    5. When she called all the shots.

    ABC/Via popinsomniacs.

    6. When she wasn't fucking around.

    ABC/Via gifthemall.

    7. When she refused to be taken for granted.

    ABC/Via bellamyyoung.

    8. When she took all the credit, and rightfully so.

    9. When she reminded you that she's the better parent.

    ABC/Via kerrymwashington.

    10. When she camera ready.

    11. When she gave great stankface.

    12. When she required more stimulation.

    ABC/Via alandwithmagic.

    13. When she questioned Olivia's supposed perfection.

    ABC/Via kronosinasuit.

    14. When she knew how to end a conversation.

    15. When she reminded you that you're not Bill Clinton.

    16. When she threw shade at men.

    ABC/Via sherierenescott.

    17. When she said it all with her eyes.

    18. When she made you bow down.

    ABC/Via mylittlefaith.