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This Is How You Get Sucked Into An "SVU" Marathon

You blink and suddenly you've spent your entire day watching Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. What is this sorcery?!

You're flipping channels when you stumble on an episode of SVU. And it's JUST STARTING.

You can't just not watch.

Here we go. But hey, you can watch just one, right?


Deep breaths. Maybe it won't be like last time.

You're instantly drawn in.

Everyone's so sharp and sassy!

But then it's over. And you need more.

And just like that, SVU owns your ass.

The next one's a Law & Order crossover episode. You have to watch that.

Ugh, and then it's a new one with A.D.A. Barba. Can't turn THAT off.

Then back to a classic episode with Alex Cabot. The sexual tension. It compels you!

You're just about to change channels when OH MY GOD DID ALEX CABOT JUST GET SHOT.

Yeah. OK. This isn't ending any time soon.

Each case is more fucked up than the next. You can't look away.

And there's Casey Novak, being awesome.

And a Dr. Huang episode! B.D. Wong is the best.

What's that? You have other things to do?

Just give in. Enjoy the cringeworthy subject matter.

Enjoy Rollins' Southern drawl.

Enjoy special guest star Aaron Tveit!

And hey, maybe Olivia and Elliot will finally hook up. It could happen. Couldn't it?

But. But they're so close!

Seriously, not a possibility. But you should keep watching just in case!

Just one more horrifying case.

One more amazing Olivia moment.

One more stirring conclusion.

Now it's late. You've spent your whole day watching SVU. You've lost faith in humanity.

Nothing makes sense anymore.

It's too late for you. Accept your new fate as an SVU addict and a lost soul.

And wait, yes, is that — ANOTHER marathon is starting. It never ends.

Maybe one day you can go back to your normal life.

But not yet.

Because right now, it's time for more SVU.