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10 Things We Need To See In The "Magic Mike" Musical

Our prayers have been answered, and the Magic Mike musical is happening. Here's our wish list. WARNING: Some mildly NSFW thrusting and bare asses ahead.

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3. Choreography by Channing Tatum.

For realism, have an actual ex-stripper choreograph all the dances. No one has moves like Channing Tatum. And while he's already producing the musical, surely he can take on a more active, gyrating role.


7. No romantic subplot.

I think we all know what the weakest aspect of Magic Mike the movie was. Instead of wasting time with a half-assed romance, focus on the relationship between Mike and his stripper protégé. The bromance is way more interesting.

8. More homoeroticism.

Or how about some actual gay characters? Magic Mike the movie was kind of a tease. For a Broadway musical, the audience of which will be largely gay, you might as well up the LGBT subtext — and make it text.

9. A sense of humor.

This is a musical about male strippers: it's OK to laugh. The Full Monty musical did a great job of combining humor with genuine pathos, and Magic Mike should follow suit. The movie could have lightened up a bit, anyway.