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These Stephen King Connections Will Blow Your Mind

With an author as prolific as Stephen King, it's no surprise his universe is expansive — but did you know most of his works are connected to one another? Here are some of the craziest connections, from the surface-level to the ones you might have missed.

Let's start with locations. One of Stephen King's most frequent settings is Castle Rock, Maine. It's where The Dead Zone takes place.

And Cujo.

And The Dark Half.

And Needful Things.

And the novella "The Body," which became the film Stand By Me.

Then there's Derry, Maine. You might remember Derry as the town from It.

And Dreamcatcher.

Near Derry, you'll find Haven. Of course, that's where the TV series Haven takes place. Haven is based on Stephen King's novel The Colorado Kid.

But Haven is also home to The Tommyknockers.

Let's move on to plot. Here's where things get complicated. In The Tommyknockers, mysterious organization The Shop invades Haven to control the alien presence.

The Shop is responsible for the Lot Six experiments, which gave Charlie McGee her powers in Firestarter.

And The Shop was involved in the Arrowhead Project, which resulted in the titular supernatural disaster of The Mist.

The organization is also mentioned in "The Langoliers."

The same evil forces run throughout many Stephen King works. Take Randall Flagg, for example. He's the major antagonist in The Stand.

But he also pursues Roland Deschain in The Dark Tower series. More on that in a bit.

Randall Flagg gets namechecked in 'Salem's Lot.

And he may be the demonic entity in the Stephen King short story "Children of the Corn."

But Randall Flagg actually serves The Crimson King, who is another major adversary in The Dark Tower.

And in the novels Insomnia and Black House.

Let's go back to The Dark Tower, because Stephen King's epic fantasy series has more connections than anything else he's written.

Father Callahan from 'Salem's Lot plays a major role in The Dark Tower.

So does Ted Brautigan from Hearts in Atlantis.

Also Patrick Danville from Insomnia and Dinky Earnshaw from the title story in Everything's Eventual.

The can-toi from Desperation pop up again in The Dark Tower. They are low men who serve — you guessed it — the Crimson King.

The titular car in From a Buick 8 was likely owned by a low man.

And the low men are the ones pursuing Ted Brautigan in the short story "Low Men in Yellow Coats" from Hearts in Atlantis.

You ready for more? In Stephen King books, twinners are doppelgangers in other universes. Jake Chambers from The Dark Tower is a twinner of Bobby Garfield from Hearts in Atlantis.

It's not limited to The Dark Tower either. The Trashcan Man from The Stand may be a twinner of Phil Bushey from Under the Dome.

And sometimes characters crossover in unexpected ways. Dick Hallorann from The Shining appears in a flashback in It. He served with Mike Hanlon's father.

Speaking of It, Eddie Kaspbrak's family used to live next door to Paul Sheldon's family. Paul is the protagonist of Misery.

OK, one more. Before ending up in Shawshank Prison, Andy Dufresne did accounting work for Nazi war criminal Kurt Dussander in "Apt Pupil."

And the list goes on: We're really just scratching the surface here. So, what's your favorite mindblowing Stephen King connection?