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    "The Lying Game" Is The Most Complicated Show On TV

    And you thought Pretty Little Liars was convoluted. Just try to make sense of this mess.

    This is Emma and Sutton.

    ABC Family

    They're twins, but only some people know that, which makes it easy for them to switch places whenever it's convenient. Most of the time, Emma is posing as Sutton, but Sutton is working with Rebecca behind Emma's back.

    This is Rebecca, the twins' biological mother.

    ABC Family

    But only Sutton knows that. They have evil plans that involve taking down Alec, whom Rebecca is now married to. Rebecca also has a secret son, who just showed up in the Season 2 premiere.

    That's Jordan. He's Rebecca's son.

    ABC Family

    But no one knows that except for Rebecca. Especially not Mads, who just hooked up with Jordan. Mads is Alec's daughter, which makes her Rebecca's stepdaughter, which makes all of this a little bit gross.

    Then there's Ethan.

    ABC Family

    Ethan was Sutton's boyfriend, and he quickly figured it out when the twins swapped places. Then he fell for Emma. They were together, until Ethan kissed Sutton, and now Sutton's trying to win him back, but he's still in love with Emma.

    But Emma has moved on to Thayer.

    ABC Family

    Thayer is Mads' brother, so he's Alec's son and Rebecca's stepson. Also, he had a thing with Sutton when they were in Los Angeles together. These twins seriously can not stay away from each other's love interests.

    This is Alec.

    ABC Family

    You know, Mads' and Thayer's dad, recently married to Rebecca, in jail for a murder he probably didn't commit. Oh, did I forget to mention that? Also, he just revealed he knows that Emma has been posing as Sutton, which was news to everyone.

    Here's Ted being pissed at Rebecca.

    ABC Family

    Ted is Alec's bestie, but more importantly, he's Sutton's dad. He and his wife Kristin are now estranged, because she found out he had an affair with Rebecca. Thanks a lot, Rebecca.

    And this is Kristin.

    ABC Family

    She's probably going to be mad at Ted for a while, since Rebecca keeps purposely making things worse. She knows there's something fishy about Sutton's adoption, but she's still in the dark about Emma's existence, as far as we know.

    Oh, right. Can't forget Laurel.

    ABC Family

    Laurel is Sutton's sister, Ted and Kristin's biological daughter. She and Sutton have been getting along way better ever since Emma took Sutton's place, because Emma is a nicer person. Laurel has a music career we're supposed to care about.

    Got all that?

    ABC Family

    Their faces say it all. Don't worry, there won't be a quiz. But seriously, when did ABC Family series become this complicated? I suppose we can always tune in to the simpler world of Melissa & Joey instead.

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