The 16 Worst Things Walter White Has Done On "Breaking Bad"

    In his transition from father and high school chemistry teacher to dangerous drug lord, Walter White has made some questionable choices. Here are his biggest transgressions, which will make you wonder if he deserves to make it through Breaking Bad alive. WARNING: Major spoilers through the first half of Season 5.

    16. Forcing Jesse to cook meth by threatening to turn him in otherwise.

    15. Pressuring the laundromat employees to clean his lab and getting them deported.

    14. Refusing to leave Skyler alone.

    13. Kicking Jesse out of the business.

    12. Turning Jesse away when he had nowhere else to go.

    11. Ratting Jesse out to Saul and trying to have him arrested.

    10. Driving Hank and his car into traffic.

    9. Locking Emilio and Krazy 8 in the RV with poison gas.

    8. Strangling Krazy 8.

    7. Running over and shooting the drug dealers.

    6. Killing Gus with a bomb at a nursing home.

    5. Ordering the murders of nine inmates and Mike's lawyer.

    4. Shooting Mike.

    3. Making Jesse kill Gale.

    2. Letting Jane choke to death on her own vomit.

    1. Poisoning Brock.