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The 21 Best Things Samantha Jones Ever Said On "Sex And The City"

All puns aside, Samantha has endless (and uncensored) wisdom when it comes to life, love, and sex. Now that a younger version of the Sex and the City character is joining The Carrie Diaries (played by Lindsey Gort), it's time to revisit our favorite Samantha Jonesisms. WARNING: salty language ahead.

21. On difficult people:

20. On conflict resolution:

19. On settling down:

18. On nightlife:

17. On giving advice:

16. On repeating past mistakes:

15. On making an effort:

14. On men's fear of commitment:

13. On eccentricity:

12. On dating couture:

11. On male inadequacy:

10. On self-preservation:

9. On finding one's soulmate:

8. On LGBT rights:

7. On dressing one's age:

6. On gossip:

5. On personal goals:

4. On simplifying:

3. On independence:

2. On broadening one's horizons:

1. On living without shame: