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    Rilo Kiley's "Let Me Back In" Video Is Perfect

    If you love Rilo Kiley or Los Angeles — or better yet, both — this will make you feel things.

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    Diehard Rilo Kiley fans may recognize "Let Me Back In" from its earlier bootleg versions, back when it was just "I Love L.A." (A confusing title for something that isn't the Randy Newman song, to be sure.) It's now being released as part of RKives, Rilo Kiley's upcoming album of rare and unreleased tracks.

    Now in addition to being one of the best songs about Los Angeles, "Let Me Back In" has an awesome music video. Like RKives, it's a look back on Rilo Kiley's career — in this case, footage from past tours. For anyone who has followed the group through the years, the nostalgia is overwhelming and fits the song's bittersweet tone.