24 Reminders That Matt Lanter Is Hot

This is gratuitous. But it’s the 90210 star’s 30th birthday, so … you’re welcome. WARNING: Mildly NSFW (for bulge).

1. He’s hot when he’s lifting up his shirt.

2. And when he’s ALMOST lifting up his shirt.

So coy!

3. And when he’s taking off his pants.

4. He’s hot with his hands behind his head.

5. And when he’s looking in the other direction.

Sigh, models and their angles.

7. He’s hot when he’s playing pool.

8. He’s hot when he makes this face.

9. He’s hot when he’s wearing leather.

10. He’s hot when he’s … I’m sorry, what was the question?

11. He’s hot when he’s being hosed down.

12. And when he’s saying “hot.”

Like we don’t already know.

13. He’s hot next to Ryan Lochte.

This is especially impressive.

14. He’s hot when he’s driving.

15. He’s hot when he’s waking up.

How does he do it!

16. He’s hot when he’s making out.

17. He’s hot in horizontal stripes.

Ugh, he would be.

18. He’s hot when he’s drinking coffee.

Also hot: coffee.

20. And off the beach.

(It doesn’t snow in Beverly Hills.)

21. He’s hot when he’s the boy next door.

22. And when he’s, um, not.


23. Basically, he’s always hot.

But you got that already.

24. And one more for the road.


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