26 Reasons You Want To Be Nancy From "The Craft"

    She's just so punk rock! Has being an outcast ever looked cooler?

    1. She commands attention wherever she goes.

    2. She embraces her weirdness.

    3. And isn't afraid to show up somewhere she's not wanted.

    4. She knows who her real friends are, anyway.

    5. And she always makes time for her fans.

    6. She's great with animals.

    7. She has a really cool walk.

    8. She isn't afraid to go heavy on the makeup.

    9. Sure, she smiles. When she feels like it.

    10. I mean, she's totes punk.

    11. Which means she doesn't always have to be nice.

    12. Hello, she's an ACTUAL WITCH.

    13. You know, with magic powers?

    14. Did I mention she knows all the coolest spells?

    15. And she will not put up with your shit.

    16. She can cut you down with a stare.

    17. Like, you really don't want to mess with her.


    19. This is the face of someone in touch with her emotions.

    20. (She has a lot of feelings.)

    21. OK, so she's a little scary.

    22. Terrifying even.

    23. But that's just part of her charm!

    24. She's UNIQUE.

    25. She celebrates her innate specialness.

    26. And hey, at least she ends the film on a high note.