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Posted on May 8, 2013

24 Reasons Olivia And Fitz Are The Hottest Couple On TV

Scandal's so-wrong-it's-right relationship is absurdly appealing. Admit that you can't get enough of the forbidden love between fixer Olivia Pope and hottie president Fitzgerald Grant. Warning: sexy SPOILERS ahead.

1. When they have sex it's almost too much to handle.

2. Like, am I watching HBO? Because it feels like I'm watching HBO.

3. Um, NSFW? Sorry.

4. They kiss with tongue. Lots of it.

5. Too sexy to be president, if you ask me.

6. Yeaaah, he just took off her panties in the Oval Office.

7. When they're not doing it, they appreciate the quickie cuddle.

8. And discreet hand-holding.

9. And significant glances.

10. Incidentally, they know exactly where to stand to avoid White House cameras.

11. Sometimes all they need to say is "hi."

12. It's kind of their thing.

13. One time they said it IN THE SHOWER. It was hot as hell.

14. They're equals. She is Olivia effing Pope and he is the goddamn POTUS.

15. And she will NOT put up with his shit.

16. Olivia will SLAP A PRESIDENT.

17. She's clearly the dominant one in their relationship. And did I mention he's the leader of the free world?

18. He showed her the Constitution. That's love.

19. When they're not together, they make each other miserable. And it hurts so good.

20. But they're never apart for long, because they CANNOT control themselves.

21. They're always just waiting for the right moment to be together. And it never comes.

22. Until then, they'll keep kissing behind closed doors. And in empty forests.

23. Oh, and just in case you were wondering, they're adorable off-camera, too.

24. Let's be real: two people this pretty deserve to be together.

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