19 Reasons Don Draper Should Feel Threatened By James Wolk

James Wolk has joined Mad Men as smarmy accounts guy Bob Benson. Here’s why Don should watch his back.

James Wolk has brought his irrepressible charm to Mad Men as Bob Benson. Everyone seems a little threatened, as well they should.

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Bob is too new a character for us to really get a sense of him. But we know plenty about James Wolk from his past work. Namely that he is perfect.

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Here’s why Jimmy could give Don a run for his money

1. He looks REAL GOOD in a suit.

3. He looks good in anything, really. I want the jacket and the man inside it.

4. He could also wear nothing? That’s fine, too.

5. I mean, he’s shirtless a lot. We should just assume he’ll be shirtless on Mad Men.

6. He’s very rubbable.

9. There’s so much SOUL in those eyes.

10. He did … this ear thing? I don’t know. But it’s cute and I’ve never seen DON DRAPER do it.

12. He’s a little bit country.

13. He made this face on the red carpet. THIS FACE.

14. He genuinely seems like fun!

16. It’s almost too much.

17. If you were Don Draper, you’d hate this, too.

18. The rest of us can just sit back and enjoy the mancandy. Look at all that hot in one elevator!

19. And we’ll wait for SCDP to promote Casual (Shirtless) Fridays. It could happen.

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