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27 Reasons Darla Is The Best Vampire In The Buffyverse

From Buffy the Vampire Slayer to Angel, Darla was one of the most consistently vicious vamps to stir things up. In honor of Julie Benz's 41st birthday, here's a look at Darla's most impressive attributes.

1. She was the first vampire EVER to appear on Buffy. Infinite cool points.

2. She took a cutesy name and she OWNED it.

3. She uses that baby voice to lure you in. Once you realize what she really is, it's too late.

4. She's all about female empowerment.

5. She's there for her friends, even when they're being crazy.

6. Her sexuality is fluid, to say the least.

7. She's romantic when it counts.

8. Because she knows exactly what she wants.

9. Careful: she's not afraid to talk shit about your ex.

10. And she will not tolerate your shitty customer service.

11. Just don't try to pull shit with her, OK?

12. Remember that she basically led this group of badass vamps. They could all kill you, but she could kill you the most.

13. So no, she doesn't need your pity laughter.

14. And she will mock your aim.

15. Hers is, you know, perfect.

16. When the time comes, she knows how to make a hot exit.

17. Plus, she's ALWAYS hot. I mean, she made the 18th century look good.

18. She's mastered windblown hair.

19. She pulled off this dumb Catholic schoolgirl outfit.

20. She gives vampire face-bumps sex appeal.

21. She even looked hot when she was dying of syphilis.

22. Suffice it to say, she does NOT look her age.

23. But after centuries of living, she's surprisingly soulful.

24. In the end, she got a kickass death scene.

25. Like, check this out. She was dying of syphilis, sired by the Master, staked by Angel, resurrected by Wolfram and Hart, turned again by Drusilla, and impregnated by Angel. Then she staked herself to save her son.

26. And she did it all with perfect hair.

27. I mean really, really consistently flawless hair.

Jealous? You should be.