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    Real Housewife Yolanda Foster Is Now An American Treasure

    Who is Yolanda Foster in this world? A U.S. citizen, that's who!

    All hail Yolanda Foster, U.S. citizen.

    Everything about this woman is amazing, from her incredible style to her insistence on homegrown lemons.

    Can we just take a moment to admire this bowel-shaking stare?

    And her flawless opening pose.

    And her synchronized "bitch, please" look with Brandi.

    Yolanda gets that sometimes being at the top takes sacrifice.

    She's successfully analyzed all the other Housewives.

    And she fully calls the rest of the cast on their shit.

    We are so lucky to have Yolanda as a U.S. citizen now. I can't wait to watch her assimilate.

    You're done with the Master Cleanse, right, Yolanda?

    I know some people think Yolanda is just as awful as the rest of them.

    But those people should shut up.

    Yolanda is a treasure.

    And now? She's an AMERICAN treasure.

    Let's not forget that this is the woman who gave us one of the best quotes in Real Housewives history.

    Don’t agree? Not my problem.

    That’s right, Yolanda. Let’s continue to enjoy our free speech — as Americans.