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    19 OMG Moments From The Midseason Premiere Of "Breaking Bad"

    Well, that escalated quickly. WARNING: Major spoilers for "Blood Money."

    1. When we saw that the White house had been condemned.


    Something very bad happened here. Also: skaters in the empty pool.

    2. When "HEISENBERG" was written on the wall.


    Not a great sign, honestly.

    3. When Carol saw Walt.


    This was really more of an "OMG moment" for Carol. But now we know that at some point very soon, everyone's going to find out the truth about Walt.

    4. When Hank had a panic attack and crashed the car.


    We should probably just keep this guy away from motor vehicles for a while, right?

    5. When Hank matched the inscription handwriting to the handwriting in Gale's notebook.


    GO HANK. Sorry, is anyone still rooting for Walt at this point?

    6. When Lydia showed up at the car wash.


    Just when Walt thought he was out, they pull him back in!

    7. When Skyler told Lydia off.


    Such a badass moment. If this comes to blows, my money's on Skyler.

    8. When Hank put it all together.


    In a montage, like you do.

    9. When Jesse tried to get rid of all his money.


    Because it's blood money. Hence the episode title.

    10. When Walt was at chemo.


    To everyone who guessed his cancer was back, good on you.

    11. When Jesse called Walt out on killing Mike.


    He didn't say it directly, but then, he didn't need to.

    12. When Walt put down a towel to throw up, just like Gus did.


    Huh. Remember that mind-blowing theory?

    13. When Walt found the bug on his car.


    All because he found out his copy of Leaves of Grass was missing, and that Hank had been home sick from work. Those are some truly astounding deduction skills, Walt.

    14. When Jesse made it rain.


    Hey, that's one way to get rid of a whole lot of money fast.

    15. When Walt showed Hank the bug...


    Holy crap.

    16. ...and Hank lowered the garage door...


    Oh my God.

    17. ...and then PUNCHED WALT IN THE FACE.



    18. When Hank said, "It was you. All along it was you. You son of a bitch."


    And then continued to lay it all out there. He knows exactly what Walt — or should I say Heisenberg? — is responsible for.

    19. And when Walt answered, "If you don't know who I am, then maybe the best course would be to tread lightly."


    And scene. Time to finally exhale again.

    What did you think of the premiere?

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