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Movie Characters Having A Worse New Year's Eve Than You

New Year's Eve is fraught with tremendous pressure to have fun, so it's easy to feel disappointed. At least you're going to have a better night than anyone on this list.

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1. Sam, "Sleepless in Seattle"

The holidays are especially rough for Sam, who has lost his beloved wife. His son Jonah falls asleep before the fireworks even start, which means Sam is extra alone when the clock strikes midnight.

2. Ship passengers, "The Poseidon Adventure"

Nothing spoils a great New Year's Eve party like your cruise ship literally flipping upside-down. Total killjoy — and most of these poor souls won't make it out alive.

3. Elise and Randy, "New Year's Eve"

Being stuck in an elevator is always terrible, but imagine if that elevator were keeping you from performing back-up for Bon Jovi. (OK, also imagine that your dream is performing back-up for Bon Jovi.)

4. Forrest Gump, "Forrest Gump"

Poor Forrest — he's not trying to ruin Lt. Dan's New Year's Eve party just by rejecting some hookers' advances. But you know what they say about life: it's like a box of chocolates, and New Year's always sucks.


5. Harry and Sally, "When Harry Met Sally"

Yes, they eventually have the best New Year's Eve ever when they finally admit their feelings for each other. But before that, they spend another New Year's realizing they're in love and then setting each other up with other people.

6. Victims, "New Year's Evil"

Want to let loose on the big night? You might be a target for Evil, who is taking out all the Naughty Girls on the last night of the year. There's no point to New Year's Eve if you can't even indulge in sin.

7. Starving artists, "Rent"

Oh, sure, it looks like they're having fun. But remember they had to break into their own apartments. Also, they're all really poor and sick, if not full-blown addicts, so be glad you're not any of them.

8. Little Bill, "Boogie Nights"

Not a great night for Little Bill, who catches his wife having sex with another man. He kills her, the lover, and himself in the middle of a New Year's Eve party. Way to start 1980 on a traumatic note.

9. Monica, "200 Cigarettes"

Like so many of us, Monica spends her New Year's Eve stressing out. In fact, she's so worried about her party that she ends up drinking too much and missing the whole thing. Another night ruined by absurd New Year's expectations.