27 Moments You'll Never Forget From The "Buffy" Series Finale

    Can you believe it's been 10 years since "Chosen" aired?

    1. When Buffy just wanted to bask.

    2. And the subsequent cookie dough analogy.

    3. When Dawn kicked Buffy for sending her away.

    4. Spike's amazingly accurate drawing of Angel.

    5. When Buffy suggested Spike and Angel oil wrestle their differences away.

    6. And when she let Spike know he was a champion.

    7. When The First appeared as Buffy to try to psych her out.

    8. When they prepared for battle.

    9. And Anya slept through it.

    10. When Buffy called Xander her strength.

    11. When the core four were together for what might have been the last time.

    12. When Anya and Andrew held it down.

    13. When Willow activated the scythe and her hair turned white.

    14. And all the potentials were activated.

    15. And girls everywhere got chosen.

    16. Meanwhile, Willow was totally high.

    17. When Buffy gave Faith the scythe.

    18. And when she wanted The First to get out of her face.

    19. When Buffy told Spike that she loved him. And he didn't believe her.

    20. And their hands caught fire.

    21. When Anya died saving Andrew's life.

    22. And Spike died saving everyone.

    23. When Xander tried to find Anya, BUT SHE WAS DEAD.

    24. And then when Andrew told him.

    25. When the Sunnydale sign fell into the hellmouth.

    26. The final line of the series.

    27. And the perfect last shot.