8 "Mad Men"-Inspired Ben & Jerry’s Flavors

Mmmm, tastes like critically acclaimed television.

1. Don Draper

Don is very uncomfortable with what this ice cream might be saying about him. As he should be.

2. Peggy Olson

Peggy’s ice cream is frankly sick and tired of being underappreciated. Have you had good peppermint? It’s fantastic.

3. Roger Sterling

You’ll never guess what Roger was on when he devised this flavor.

4. Joan Harris

This flavor could totally kick your ass. Proceed with caution.

5. Pete Campbell

Make sure you have a lot of napkins. This one gets a little oily.

6. Megan Draper

This is mostly just an FU to Don. Megan doesn’t really like any sherbet.

7. Betty Francis

Just because she shed the pounds doesn’t mean Betty can’t relive her past glory.

8. Sally Draper

Sally’s ice cream grew up too fast. Try not to choke on the coffee beans.

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