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12 Idina Menzel Performances To Remember

She's more than just Wicked. To celebrate Idina's birthday, here's a look at some of the Broadway star's best moments.

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1. "Take Me or Leave Me"

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If you can forgive the quality, here is Idina performing "Take Me or Leave Me" with her original Joanne, Fredi Walker. You can always listen to the OBCR, but there's something special about seeing it.

2. "Over the Moon"

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Also from Rent, also of less than great quality. But what do you expect from a bootleg video recorded in 1996? It's still really cool to have this document of one of Idina's most vibrant performances.

3. "Where or When"

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It's always such a treat to see Idina and real-life husband Taye Diggs performing together. THE CHEMISTRY. This is just a delightful performance of a classic Rodgers & Hart song.

4. "Both Sides Now"

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Such a lovely Joni Mitchell song, and this is a really nice version. It's a little different than what you might expect from Idina, but that only adds to the overall effect.

5. "Poker Face"

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Idina first performed this stripped-down version of the Lady Gaga song on Glee. Her story of being cast on the show, which she tells here, is also pretty great.

6. "Next to Me"

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At some point, Glee realized Lea Michelle and Idina Menzel looked really similar. Luckily, they also sound great together, as in this cover of "Next to Me" from the most recent season.

7. "I Dreamed a Dream"

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OK, one more. Their voices just come together so seamlessly! Plus, as much as we all love Anne Hathaway's racking sobs, there's also something nice about a cleaner version of the song. The crying is implied.

8. "Nobody's Side"

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Maybe you know the musical Chess. Maybe you don't. But this is a great performance of a great song. Learn it and love it, if you don't already.

9. "Gorgeous"

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You may not be as familiar with Idina's music career off Broadway — this is a good example. "Gorgeous" is obviously more pop and rock than most of the other numbers on the list. Hey, we could all use a little variety, right?

10. "I'm Not That Girl"

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Idina's voice is perfect for those big, brassy numbers, but she can do vulnerability, too. Here she is performing one of Wicked's softer numbers — sans green makeup.

11. "Defying Gravity"

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And here it is — her signature song. Kristin Chenoweth is great, too, but this is Elphaba's number. Regardless of how you feel about Wicked as a whole, this is truly one of Broadway's great showstoppers.

12. "What I Did for Love"

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Always a good (and melancholy) number to close on. Here's Idina's rendition of the gorgeous Chorus Line song. She adds some creative flourishes a couple minutes in, and that's when her performance really becomes her own.

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