20 Things “Hamlet 2” Taught Us About The Creative Process

“Every time I try to go for something, my heart gets stomped on like a baby kitten.”

1. Having ideas is one thing. Getting them on paper is another.

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2. You feel like you’re making perfect sense, but no one else seems to understand you.

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3. You become paranoid. Everyone is out to get you.

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4. You’ve never been more livid.

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5. And you lash out accordingly.

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6. You start to wonder what you’re capable of.

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7. And then you just get depressed.

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8. You feel hopeless.

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9. You reflect on past failures. Have any of your creative pursuits ever amounted to anything?

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10. In desperation, you start to mull over other career options.

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11. You turn to substances for distraction.

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12. But then suddenly, something clicks. The words flow from you like tears. (Also, you might be crying.)

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13. The right people get it. They appreciate you as an artist.

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14. You’ve got a new attitude. You know your work is good, and nothing — and no one — can stand in your way.

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15. When your creativity comes to fruition, even the haters are swayed.

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16. Everyone can finally see it: There’s a method to your madness.

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17. And they all want a piece of it.

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18. You’ve never felt more alive and inspired.

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19. So you get back to creating again, while the juices are still flowing.

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20. Annnd you’re right back where you started.

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