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    23 Kinds Of Sexy With Alex Pettyfer

    He's so versatile! And it's his 23rd birthday, so let's celebrate that.

    1. Dapper sexy.

    2. Retro dapper sexy.

    3. Sassy sexy.

    4. Beach bum sexy.

    5. Slightly awkward sexy.

    6. Workout routine sexy.

    7. Stupid sunglasses sexy. (Seriously so stupid. But it DOESN'T EVEN MATTER.)

    8. So sexy it's confusing.

    9. Upstaged by puppy sexy.

    10. Something in his eye sexy. Wait, that MIGHT be a wink.

    11. Pugilist sexy.

    12. Gyrating with McConaughey sexy.

    13. Hot tongue action sexy.

    14. Put some clothes on JK never do that sexy.

    15. So sexy his crotch produces money.

    16. Hot cop sexy.

    17. Trapped in a bucket sexy. That's a thing, right?

    18. Chippendales sexy.

    19. Pulling off this beanie sexy.

    20. So sexy his beard itches. It happens.

    21. Smoking kills sexy.

    22. Stripper realness sexy.

    23. Incredulous about being this sexy.

    And one more for good luck!

    BONUS SEXY: Showing you his butt. Perhaps the best sexy of all.