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    13 Things We Learned From The Cast And Crew Of "Revolution"

    Find out which cast member can really make a bomb, and what a global blackout would mean for the Breaking Bad finale.

    Kevin Parry/Paley Center for Media

    On March 2, the cast and crew of Revolution were honored by the Paley Center as part of the annual PaleyFest. We spoke with actors Giancarlo Esposito (Tom Neville), JD Pardo (Jason Neville/Nate), and Daniella Alonso (Nora), and creator Eric Kripke.

    1. In a world without electricity, most everyone would miss their cell phones.

    Brownie Harris/NBC

    "You can just do so much with it nowadays, with the apps and everything," JD Pardo offered. "And it's like an iPod, too, at the same time! It's everything." He also cited Google Maps, which would surely be useful when navigating dangerous and unfamiliar terrain. Daniella Alonso and Eric Kripke also admitted they'd miss their cell phones most.

    2. Giancarlo Esposito would miss his stackable washer and dryer.

    Brownie Harris/NBC

    The lone cell phone holdout. It's a practical answer — the man does dress well.

    3. Aside from her cell phone, Daniella Alonso is basically fine without electricity.

    Brownie Harris/NBC

    "I do live in the Revolution world," she said. "I honestly can give up everything. Billy [Burke] always makes fun of me, because he's like, 'Can you come into the modern times, please?' And I'm like, 'No, I don't want to be a slave to it.'" If the global blackout ever really happens, she'll be set.

    4. Also, she can build a bomb. For real.

    Brownie Harris/NBC

    "Everything we do, we try to make it as real as possible," Alonso explained. And now she's got a cool (potentially dangerous) survival skill.

    5. But what we'd really miss in a global blackout is security.

    Brownie Harris/NBC

    At least, that's what Eric Kripke believes. He said he'd miss the police, noting, "I'd be useless in a blackout. My guess is I've got three days before I'm somebody's concubine." Realistic.

    6. And no, it's not fair that these people never got to see the end of "Breaking Bad."

    Brownie Harris/NBC

    That's what we're really not talking about here: global blackout means no TV. "It’s extremely unfair," said Esposito, who also played Gus Fring on Breaking Bad. "I was watching a movie the other day, and something happened to the DVD, and I went, 'No, not at this moment. No!'"

    7. There aren't villains: there are shades of grey.

    Brownie Harris/NBC

    Like Gus Fring, Tom Neville is a major adversary, but there's more to him than meets the eye. "I always try to create a character who's not just black and white but has shades of grey," Esposito said. "I think most human beings are, even the worst villains that we know. With every person, there's a reason, and since we don't walk in their shoes, and we're not in their skin, we may not know what that reason is."

    8. Which is to say, Tom Neville could very well switch sides.

    Brownie Harris/NBC

    "I think it's entirely possible," Esposito speculated. "Tom Neville is the ultimate survivor. The guy is a survivor. He'll do what he has to do. If he's compromised for whatever reason, he has to make it work. And he cares about his family, so he'll make it work one way or another."

    9. Jason may also be shifting allegiances.

    Brownie Harris/NBC

    Pardo, who plays Tom Neville's son, Jason, says his character is on a journey of self-discovery that may lead him to the other side. "Jason is becoming his own man, and the line is drawn between him and his father," Pardo said. "Jason is just being led by his own heart, and seeing things through his own eyes."

    10. And no, it's not just because he has the hots for Charlie.

    Brownie Harris/NBC

    "Obviously she catches his eye, and once Cupid hits you, you have a hard time walking away from it," Pardo conceded. "But then the bulk of the story is between [Tom Neville] and Jason. It's like a symbiotic relationship — it really feeds into his decision-making. He obviously sees Charlie, he sees what his dad's becoming, what the Militia is doing, and it all doesn't sit right." Sounds like Jason may be defecting from the Militia sooner rather than later.

    11. Love in the post-apocalyptic world is dirty.

    Brownie Harris/NBC

    As Jason tries to reconcile his feelings for Charlie, Nora and Miles have their own love story playing out. And no matter where it goes, it's going to be a mess, literally. "It's dirty," Alonso joked. But she then reflected, "I was just shooting something yesterday where I was completely barefoot all day." And it's not like these people have easy access to showers.

    12. Dungeons & Dragons prepared Eric Kripke for creating this world.

    Brownie Harris/NBC

    "I was a nerd and I played D&D as a kid, and it's just like that," he said. "It's a really fun game of just how society would change, and how does it change as a result of losing the power. We just keep playing." There's very little actual dice-rolling, though.

    13. And this world will continue to grow.

    Brownie Harris/NBC

    "We're going to some different countries," Kripke revealed. "We're going to the Georgia Federation, we're going to the Plains Nations. Each place is wildly different. Each place has their own leadership. And we really just start to expand the scope of the show."

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