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    This Fast Fashion Brand Just Dropped Its First Recycled Collection

    Recycled materials is the new black.

    If Boohoo is the first name that comes to mind when you think about fast fashion, you're not alone.

    But it's an open secret that fast fashion isn't exactly good for the environment...

    So it may come as a surprise to learn that Boohoo is now dropping a collection overwhelmingly made with recycled materials.

    The brand is committed to becoming more sustainable — one drop at a time.

    The first of Boohoo's recycled range is made with 95% recycled polyester and is entirely sourced from the UK.

    It makes staying on trend with pieces like these just that little bit less guilt-ridden.

    Your conscience can rest a little easier too, when you have a low-key day in the range's loungewear options. Shop the collection here.

    Boohoo are also offering free shipping over $80 with the code 'FREESHIP'.

    It's all part of Boohoo's celebration of the collection's launch and their commitment to evolving into the kind of brand that inspires change. Now that's something worth buying into.