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    The hardest kpop trivia

    Only for real kpop fans

    1. How many groups did debut last year?

    2. Which group has the most rookie of the year awards?


      Itzy have the most overall Rookie of the Year awards out of any Kpop group, girl and boy groups. They now have 13 ROTYs, including awards at the Melon Music Awards, Mnet Asian Music Awards, Golden Disk Awards and the Asia Artist Awards.

    3. How many songs does BTS have?


      There are total 248 songs counting all the remixes, japanese songs, intros and outros.

    4. Whichgroup hit 1 billion views on YouTube first ?

    5. Which group has the most members?


      At the moment they are the biggest group with 21 members.

    6. Which group won on Queendom?

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