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14 Unique Gifts For The Foodie On Your Shopping List

Looking for one-of-a-kind gourmet gifts and quality cooking staples? Check out Los Olivos Markets, the only US location to carry these Spanish products!

If you're buying for someone who loves trying out new recipes or artisanal foods, you're going to want to check out Los Olivos Markets. Their online store is stocked with nice-to-have cooking staples and European-rooted gourmet items that make perfect holiday gifts. Plus, it's the only place in the entire US where you can find select Spanish products. Here are some of the best foods you can order:

1. This high-quality Dominus Acebuche Olive Oil that's filled with natural antioxidants. 

A bottle of Dominus Acebuche olive oil
Los Olivos Markets

Produced with fruits that are collected by hand from wild acebuches that grow on the foothills of Sierra Magina Natural Park, Dominus Acebuche has a higher antioxidant content than any other olive oil. Wild Acebuches that grow spontaneously are specimens with a genome that is unique, unrepeatable, and different from the rest of the Acebuches. Get it only from Los Olivos Markets.

Price: $29.99

2. This Cosecha Temprana Olive Oil that is not only delicious but also full of provitamins and antioxidants.

A bottle of Cosecha Temprana Olive Oil
Los Olivos Markets

The selection and collection of the fruits that give birth to Dominus Early Harvest are its main differential factor, since these two processes are carried out in mid-October when the olives present an initial ripening stage. This gives an organoleptic profile of great intensity and freshness, as well as prominent nutritional properties due to its high content in provitamins and natural antioxidants. 

Price: $26.99

3. This Dominus Olive Oil Set that not only includes the Dominus Acebuche but also includes its sister olive oil Dominus Early Harvest. 

Two bottles of olive oil
Los Olivos Markets

Get the best of both worlds with olive oils that are high in antioxidants, have provitamins, and taste as fresh as ever.

Price: $55.99

4. This Monva Olive Oil Set that includes three of the best Spanish olive oils — Dominus Cosecha Temprana, Dominus Acebuche, and Valle Magina — and will complete any at-home gourmet's kitchen.

Three bottles of olive oil
Los Olivos Markets

This set includes not two but three unique, extra-virgin olive oils. Valle Magina is produced from olives picked at the end of November, combining fruits that are still at an initial ripening stage with others that have already completed their cycle. 

Price: $77.95

5. This Paella Cooking Set that has everything a person needs to make their own paella and includes a 12" pan, bomba rice, olive oil, saffron, and more.

A gift set including a can of peppers, saffron, rice, and a pan
Los Olivos Markets

This kit is your one-stop shop for everything you need to make a delicious, traditional paella. All the ingredients are imported from Spain and made by family producers using traditional techniques. You’ll be an expert in no time! 

Price: $69.99

6. This selection of homestyle Honey Butters that taste great spread on biscuits, layered into a stack of pancakes, or mixed into icing.

Five jars of honey butter
Los Olivos Markets

You’ll want to buy a jar for each family member — no sharing needed! These honey butters are made in Texas and you’ll find every flavor you can imagine including Cinnamon, Toffee Pecan, and even Maple Pecan!

Prices: $5.99+

7. This most unique Garlic Funk Sauce that you won’t find anywhere else (literally). It's made from garlic, red chili peppers, oil, and the secret-not-so-secret ingredient fish sauce. 

A jar of Garlic Funk Sauce
Los Olivos Markets

Awaken the deep umami flavors in anything you cook by adding some Funk Sauce to it. Los Olivos Funk Sauce combines the spice of red chiles with the subtly pungent flavors of garlic. Funk Sauce is a great complement to anything from salads, sautés, and garlic bread to fried rice, pasta, shrimp, and steaks. Don’t just add garlic. Add the Funk.

Price: $10.99

8. This Flavor Sauce that's another original favorite made at Los Olivos Markets.  You haven’t had a good steak until you’ve put Flavor Sauce on it. 

A jar of Los Olivos Flavor Sauce
Los Olivos Markets

As a result of the constant effort to find the perfect marinade for anything, Flavor Sauce was born. Sweet, tangy, and savory, this marinade is perfect for anything you throw it on. From grilling to sautéing, Flavor sauce adds a unique essence that will keep you pouring on more.

Price: $10.99

9. This Tomato Bacon Jam that will elevate your home cooking when you add it to steaks, burgers, sandwiches, loaded fries, and charcuterie boards.

A jar of Tomato Bacon Jam
Los Olivos Markets

"Bacon makes everything better" is the truest statement on earth. This Tomato Bacon Jam masterfully balances sweet and savory, and brings a next-level flavor to finish family meals. Or hide it in the fridge and keep it for yourself!

Price: $10.99

10. This Los Olivos Salted Caramel Toffee Sauce with just the right amount of sweetness that goes perfectly as a topping for ice cream, donuts, cake, waffles, and more.

A jar of Los Olivos Salted Caramel Toffee Sauce
Los Olivos Markets

With so many salted caramels out there, what makes this one stand out the most? It’s the salt! Los Olivos insists on only using salt from the Murray River in Australia. The minerals and complexity make it the perfect match for this deep caramel.

Price: $10.99

11. This Los Olivos Pineapple Jalapeño Cocktail Mix that transforms you into a highly trained bartender with the unscrewing of a cap. Explore your next favorite drink by mixing it with tequila, rum, mezcal, or sparkling water.

Jar of Los Olivos Pineapple Jalapeño Cocktail Mix
Los Olivos Markets

The happiest hours are at home with your family and friends, making memories to last forever. Los Olivos Pineapple Jalapeño Cocktail Mix takes the prep and mess out of making artisanal-style drinks and keeps your time focused on those special moments.

Price: $12.99

12. This wide variety of salsa that guarantees you'll find one you love, whether you prefer to eat it with chips, pour it over chicken, or stir it into a recipe.

Three jars of salsa
Los Olivos Market

Tatemada salsa brand is a women-owned company that sources their ingredients from Mexico, as well as from women producers from rural communities. 

Price: $7.99+

13. This assortment of jellies and jams from Spain that range from fruity to savory and are delicious with meats and cheeses or just spread on toast.

Three jars of jam
Los Olivos Markets

Los Olivos Markets' most popular brand Caprichos de Guadalquivir consists of artisan jams made in the most traditional way using a family recipe passed down generations. They're all-natural without pesticides, preservatives, coloring, or added sugar. And they're directly imported from Spain so you won’t find them anywhere else! 

Price: $7.99+

14. These high-quality tinned seafoods from Galicia like Small Sardines in Olive Oil, Mussels in Escabeche, and Belly Meat of Light Tuna in Olive Oil.

Three tins of canned seafood
Los Olivos Markets

Real Conservera Española only produces high-quality preserves from the best shellfish and fish caught at the best moment of the season. The product is made in a traditional way, taking care of canning and packing by hand, and selecting and placing each piece in the can to guarantee the best presentation at the time of tasting.

Prices: $17.99 (sardines), $18.99 (mussels), and $20.99 (tuna belly)

Learn more about Los Olivos Markets and how they select their one-of-a-kind products:

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