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    The Definitive Ranking Of Adam Sandler Movies

    This is important.

    26. The Ridiculous 6


    Coming in last we have Sandler's latest movie, The Ridiculous Six. Being an Adam Sandler fan, I, for one, was really excited for this movie, and I'm not gonna lie – had to turn it off after 20 minutes. Maybe I'll give it a another shot again...drunker.

    25. Pixels

    Columbia Pictures

    With an alien invasion mimicking video games, the premise of Pixels was kind of fun, but an unfortunate amount of money was wasted on 3D animation. Although, If I were a seven year old, I would have probably loved this.

    24. The Cobbler

    Image Entertainment

    Gotta give props to Sandler for appearing in such creative premises. In The Cobbler, Adam is able to walk in other people's making them...with a magical sewing machine.

    23. Grown Ups 1 and 2

    Columbia Pictures
    Columbia Pictures

    I've tried to watch both the Grown Ups movies several times but haven't been able to focus long enough to know what's happening. I'm pretty sure it's just an excuse for Adam and his comedian friends to hangout.

    22. Click

    Sony Pictures

    This movie takes you through a man's lifetime of regrets with a magical remote control. It tried a little too hard to make you feel things, so you were left crying not only because of the plot but also from having to watch it.

    21. Jack and Jill

    Columbia Pictures

    In Jack and Jill, Sandler bravely took on both lead roles. While I appreciate Adam's efforts, this movie pretty much had audiences everywhere saying, "but why?"

    20. Bedtime Stories


    This movie — about bedtime stories coming true — was kind of cute. It's good for the little ones, which I guess is who it was intended for.

    19. Just Go With It

    Columbia Pictures

    The best part of Just Go With it was Sandler's attempt to recapture some of the magic from his earlier work. But none of the love interests on either sides were believable and the movie ended up falling flat. Close, but no cigar!

    18. I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry

    Universal Pictures

    This movie about two excessively hetero-normies having to fake a domestic partnership was TOLERABLE. It had some cute moments but by far was not Sandler's best work.

    17. Going Overboard

    Trimark Pictures

    OK, this is a terrible movie, but look how cute young Adam is, awww.

    16. Spanglish

    Columbia Pictures

    Spanglish was a good attempt at an OK movie, but Téa Leoni's character was so over-the-top and abusive, it was hard to watch.

    15. Anger Management

    Columbia Pictures

    Anger Management had a lot of potential – Adam Sandler AND Jack Nicholson, what could go wrong?! Apparently everything. This was one of those movies where one bad thing happens after another to the point where it's not funny, it's just exhausting.

    14. Funny People

    Columbia Pictures

    Featuring a dying comedian and a bromance, Funny people was depressing af, but also pretty good. Rogen and Sandler made a good team.

    13. Hotel Transylvania 1 and 2

    Sony Pictures
    Sony Pictures

    Both Hotel Transylvania movies are legit adorable. Featuring a family of vampires going through the relatable struggles of joining with another family – this movie is great for parents and kids alike. Also, Adam's voice is perfect for Dracula.

    12. Little Nicky

    New Line Cinema

    You have to give Little Nicky credit for being SO WEIRD. Something about the Devil's sons proving they could take over the throne? Like, how did Adam even get this made? Bravo.

    11. The Waterboy

    Buena Vista Pictures

    The Waterboy is about a young man emerging from his overprotective mother's grasp to become a star football player, it is both very weird and enjoyable. Who doesn't like to watch the underdog succeed.

    10. Eight Crazy Nights

    Columbia Pictures

    Eight Crazy Nights follows an alcoholic troublemaker through his redemption and is great for a lot of reasons. For one, it's like the only Hanukkah movie in existence, and two it's animated. Definitely a win for Sandler.

    9. You Don't Mess with the Zohan

    Sony Pictures

    Zohan, an Isreali commando decides to follow his dream and go to the USA to become a hair dresser, and to be frank, it's all hilarious. I don't know what it is about this movie but even if you try not to, you'll probably giggle the whole time.

    8. Punch-Drunk Love

    Columbia Pictures

    Adam Sandler surprised everyone by nailing it in this drama. The cinematography and soundtrack were great. All in all this was a very successful movie.

    7. Blended

    Warner Bros. Pictures

    This movie kind of came and went without notice, and that's unfortunate because it was amazing! Sandler and Barrymore are always a formidable team and this movie really incapsulated a lot of the hilariousness of his earlier work. Blended is a must-see for any Sandler fan.

    6. Mr. Deeds

    Sony Pictures

    OK now we're really getting some classic Sandler goodness. A good guy coming into tons of money and being a complete fish out of water but still saving the day is everything Sandler movies are about. This movie was funny and cute, just like Adam.

    5. 50 First Dates

    Sony Pictures

    THIS MOVIE IS SO ROMANTIC, UGH! Sandler's character falls madly in love with a woman who wakes up everyday believing it's the same day, and yet they find a way to make it work. And that super weird part where Barrymore's character is painting Adam's goofy face all the time and doesn't know why IS SO CUTE AND WEIRD. A perfect Sandler movie.

    4. Big Daddy

    Columbia Pictures

    When Sandler adopts a kid in this movie to prove how responsible he is to an ex, hilarity ensues. Big Daddy is super funny, cute and heart warming. I wish I was watching it right now.

    3. Billy Madison

    Universal Pictures

    When Billy Madison came out, Sandler stole the hearts of young Americans everywhere with his unusual humor. Sandler plays Billy, a spoiled rich guy who has to go back to school to prove he can take over his dad's business. This movie is jam packed with classic moments including, "Shampoo is better" and "You ain't cool unless you pee your pants." Sandler perfected his annoying but lovable act in this movie.

    2. Happy Gilmore

    Universal Pictures

    YES! Happy Gilmore is so good! It only inched out Billy Madison by a little because Billy's character can be slightly more annoying to watch overtime and doesn't hold up like Happy does. Hockey-playing Happy joins a golf tournament to save his dear grandma's house and it's all very funny but also heart warming. Between Ben Stiller and Bob Barker this movie could make anyone laugh.

    1. The Wedding Singer

    New Line Cinema

    The. Wedding. Singer. This movie has EVERYTHING. It has an amazing love story, epic music, hysterical jokes, cool costumes, scenes that make you cry and scenes that make you laugh. It is the perfect movie. In this movie Sandler plays a heartbroken wedding singer who falls in love with a girl betrothed to a jerk. Sandler's character is literally the cutest and his chemistry with Barrymore is palpable. I've watched this movie more times than I can count, and it never gets old. God bless The Wedding Singer.

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